Crusaders halfback Bryn Hall is said to have apologised to the Jewish Council over a comment he made on live television in which he labelled an All Black a “Jew”.


The comment was made on Sky TV’s The Kick Off on June 13, where Hall handed out a “red card” to All Blacks midfielder and Crusaders teammate Jack Goodhue for his mullet.

“The real reason why he’s running a mullet at the moment is that he’s engaged,” Hall said.

“[He] doesn’t want to pay for his wedding, so he’s actually looking for Women’s Day or Women’s Weekly to try and get behind and pay for his wedding, so red card for being a Jew, Jack, so there you go mate.”

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A complaint was made to the Broadcasting Standards Authority claimed that the remark was discriminatory, but the complaint was not upheld as it did not meet the standard of “nastiness or malice” required to classed as a breach of BSA standards.


Jewish Council spokeswoman Juliet Moses, who had previously said that the decision not to uphold the complaint was “extremely disappointing and quite shocking”, said on Twitter that Hall had apologised for his comment on Friday.

“I’ve received and accepted what I believe is a sincere, thoughtful apology from Bryn Hall, who made the “Jew” comment that gave rise to someone’s BSA complaint,” Moses said.

“My preferred approach is always to forgive, engage and educate, if possible.

“To that end we’ve agreed to have a chat.”

Moses told Stuff that the 27-year-old had apologised via email, but she agreed to keep the apology private.

“I’ve taken his word. I believe he is contrite about what he said,” she told Stuff.

“I’m sure it hasn’t been pleasant for him. It’s not been particularly pleasant for him.”

However, she hoped that people had learned something from the incident, of which she was treating as an “educational moment”.

Moses confirmed that she had not sought contact with the BSA regarding its decision around Hall’s comment.


“We are not wanting to be punitive here,” she said.

Both the BSA and Sky TV apologised for any distress caused by the incident, and had spoken to Hall in an attempt to prevent any similar comments being made in future.

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