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An NFL star and 2016 Rio Olympian has re-joined the USA Sevens side following a five-year absence from rugby ahead of this year's Tokyo Olympics.

15 Mar, 17:53
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Rugby Sevens is a high-octane version of the sport we love. With each team only featuring seven players, the game is quick and try-scoring is frequent. So, expect the action to leave you right on the edge of your seat.  

Rugby Sevens is almost as old as the traditional form of rugby union. It originated in Melrose, Scotland back in the 1880s and the Melrose Sevens tournament is still played annually.

Fast forward to the 1970s and the creation of the Hong Kong Sevens tournament really boosted the popularity of the game worldwide. Since then, the sport was accepted into the Commonwealth Games in 1998 and a World Rugby Sevens Series was created in 1999. Finally, in 2016, Rugby Sevens was contested in the Summer Olympics for the first time ever.

Rugby Sevens is played under similar laws to traditional rugby union and the game is played on the same pitch. However, there are some laws that are different in Rugby Sevens. For example, conversion attempts are drop kicks and scrums only consist of three players. Of course, there are two obvious changes, too. Each team only has seven players (rather than 15) and each half also only lasts for seven minutes (rather than 40).

One of the great things about Rugby Sevens is that the sport has really taken root in places where traditionally rugby union hasn’t taken off yet. For example, Rugby Sevens is very popular in places like Hong Kong and Dubai, and seven of the 15 ‘core teams’ that compete in all legs of the World Series represent nations that are not within the recognised top tier of the 15-player game.

In addition to this, you’ll find plenty of successful Rugby Sevens tournaments on the international stage. The World Rugby Sevens Series (known as HSBC Rugby Sevens for sponsorship purposes) has been a staple of the rugby calendar since the 1999-2000 series, and a women’s edition was added in 2012-13. Plus, both men’s and women’s Rugby Sevens is played at the Summer Olympics and the Commonwealth Games. However, the crowning glory of the Rugby Sevens calendar remains Rugby World Cup Sevens. Like the traditional tournament, Rugby World Cup Sevens takes place every four years and there’s both a men’s and a women’s version.

Read on to discover even more about Rugby Sevens. On this page, you’ll find all of the latest Rugby Sevens results and news about upcoming tournaments.