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Ex-chairman congratulates PRL's Saracens investigation


Rival ex-chairman congratulates Premiership Rugby for Saracens punishment

Former Gloucester chairman Ryan Walkinshaw has congratulated Premiership Rugby for “finally bringing this club [Saracens] to justice”. 

The reigning Gallagher Premiership and European champions were docked 35 league points and fined £5.36million on Tuesday for breaching the salary cap regulations governing the game in England.  

The businessman, whose father and former chairman Tom was instrumental in the introduction of the salary cap, had been vocal in the past about clubs that try and skirt around the salary cap, likening it to taking performance-enhancing drugs. 

He took to Twitter to accuse Saracens of “systematic cheating over a long period of time. Finally the fans know the truth”.

He also congratulated the journalists from the UK Daily Mail, who ensured that this issus  was investigated and not simply ignored by Premiership Rugby. 

Walkinshaw shared a lengthy diatribe on Twitter about the salary cap in March when the news first emerged about what Saracens were doing regarding co-investments between players and owner Nigel Wray. 

However, he also said that he had no doubt that many other clubs are doing the same thing, even claiming that some owners have admitted to his face what they do which suggests more sanctions like Tuesday’s may result in the future. 

Saracens admitted in a statement that they have “made administrative errors relating to the non-disclosure of some transactions to PRL and for this we apologise”. This came after they failed to disclose player payments over the past three seasons. 

Owner Nigel Wray added: “It has been acknowledged by the panel that we never deliberately sought to mislead anyone or breach the cap and that is why it feels like the rug is being completely pulled out from under our feet. We will appeal all the findings.”

The London club initially dropped to twelfth in the Premiership table with -26 points, but have since returned to fourth after launching their appeal. 

WATCH: How RugbyPass revealed on Sunday that Saracens would be punished by PRL 

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Rival ex-chairman congratulates Premiership Rugby for Saracens punishment
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