One of the stories of the tournament has been the hospitality of the Japanese fans, known for politeness and cleanliness, who have been fantastic hosts for the fans.


After Japan qualified for the quarter-finals of the World Cup after defeating Scotland 28-21, this humility was on show as Japanese fans bombarded Scotland Rugby with messages of gratitude.

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This fan wrote ‘Thank you for the hot game that feels scary until the end! Thank you for the best match! I love it! Sincere thanks to everyone in Scotland!’

Other fans were glad to see the Scottish pride and passion for the game and hoped they would visit Japan again after apologising for some of the more insulting comments sent Scotland’s way.


This fan thanked Scotland for giving 100% and for ‘hammering us in the past’ which got Japan where they are today, rating Scotland the toughest assignment in Pool A.


Most fans were incredibly grateful however a few Japanese were still upset over Scotland’s threats to sue if the match was canceled due to Typhoon Hagibis.

A few Japanese fans tried to troll Scotland asking whether they would sue after losing the match while another was still ‘shocked from your words’ after being a big fan of Scotland.

The worst of Japan’s fans and darkest messages were sent in response to Scotland flanker Jamie Ritchie’s off-the-ball incident on flyhalf Yu Tamura.

Ritchie was seen shoving Tamura on the ground and giving him a facial with a forearm. This led to fury online with one fan claiming he despises Scotland saying ‘just do it if you wanna do legal action’.

One Japanese fan took it upon themselves to message Jamie Ritchie directly, telling him he is ‘ashamed’ for playing dirty games while accusing him of taking banned drugs.

He finished his tirade with a terrible comment about Ritchie’s mother before telling him to be ashamed again.

This fan wrote he doesn’t feel like thanking Scotland because they were too many rough plays.

“This time it was a shame because there were too many rough plays on the Scotland side. Not very much, but I don’t feel like thank you. Shame on you.”

Japanese fans unhappy with the physicality by Scotland’s forwards will likely have plenty to write about when they face the Springboks in their quarter-final next week.

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