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'Sexton is a petulant child' - Leinster flyhalf under fire

By Ian Cameron
Jonathan Sexton of Leinster during the United Rugby Championship match between Leinster and Cell C Sharks at RDS Arena in Dublin. (Photo By Harry Murphy/Sportsfile via Getty Images)

Ireland flyhalf Johnny Sexton started his first Leinster game of the season on Saturday and he was very much the returning maestro, steering the men in blue to a thrilling 54-34 over the Sharks.


It was vintage Sexton too. The 37-year-old bestrode the pitch – an angry commander in chief – shouting orders, kicking pin-point cross kicks and scoring a remarkable solo try in a virtuoso display in front of an adoring RDS crowd.

He was also up in the faces of his South African opposition at every opportunity. Late in the second half, two headshots in a single play from the defending Sharks saw things boil over and it was in this passage of play that Sexton drew particularly fire from fans.

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Sexton’s exchanges with referee Craig Evans left South African fans with a sour taste in their collective mouthes. Demanding and sarcastic, the Dubliner was totally unabashed in pursuit of what he saw as justice for the head-high shot on Ross Byrne.

Johnny Sexton Leinster
Johnny Sexton and Craig Evans exchange views Credit: URC/RTE

A red was forthcoming and Leinster went on to close out the game with some authority.

Many fans – and not just of the South African variety – weren’t pleased to say the least. Outspoken SA rugby pundit Mark Keohane observed: “Jonny Sexton owning the ref.”

Fellow South African journalist Brendan Nel wrote: “Sexton may be a great player but feez the whinging is not a good look. Ever. How many players would get away with the backchat that Sexton gets away with. Siya gets half the leeway but there is an [un]written rule to put up with Sexton’s whinging… Interesting that the SuperSport panel also have a few words for Sexton’s constant whinging… just saying. If you’re a Leinster fan, check your privilege.”


And it wasn’t just South Africans. Welsh rugby fan Rich Corless wrote: “Sexton is a petulant child though. Trying to get a Sharks player sent off for a clear rugby incident. It’s so so easy to hate him when he acts like this though.”

One fan drew a line between Sexton’s back chat with Evans and a recent incident with fellow Ireland international Bundee Aki, who was recently banned for a dangerous clearout and had his ban extended because of his pursuit of the referee after a red card was brandished. “The Johnny Sexton (bitchy) and Bundee Aki (moany) ref backchat is getting really disgusting.”

Even some Leinster fans admitted to finding his exchanges with Evans a bit much. “I’m a Leinster fan. But one of these days, a Referee has to be strong enough to card Sexton for his constant verbals. Really tiresome and counter-productive. And just wrong too – don’t want that s***e in Rugby,” posted one.


Yet for all the criticism of the veteran, there was an equally vociferous defence on the Ireland side of the social media aisle.

Karl Brophy may have landed a fatal blow to the critics when he eloquently snarked: “South African rugby supporters would, presumably, much prefer if Johnny Sexton stayed quiet on the pitch and, instead, put out an hour long video on Twitter tomorrow systematically attacking the referee over his failure to protect the players from foul play.”

Another Leinster fan stated: “Every single fan bitching about Sexton would sell their granny to have him play for their team.”

Irish rugby writer and podcaster Will Slattery heaped praise on the ageing general: “What a masterclass that was from Johnny Sexton. For all the time we spend debating the ten pecking order, sometimes it’s worth just taking a step back and enjoying what he is still producing at 37.”

Regardless of his behaviour, there was no denying Sexton’s influence on the game, which he even his most bitter critics will concede was telling.


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Daniel 651 days ago

No one can stand Sexton. He's unbearable

Laughlin 652 days ago

Sexton was angry because the 2 high tackles were the cherry on top of a day of dirty play by the South Africans.
Ross Byrne was the 3rd HIA caused by a South African player and the 2nd in a row that could have led to serious long term injury. Does the article (or South African commentators) address this? No. Instead of head injuries lets highlight Sexton’s “whinging” and “petulance” to a referee who is not protecting the Irish team from dangerous and dirty South African play.
Well done rugbypass on completely missing the point, disregarding player safety and criticizing one of the greatest Irish players of all time for trying to protect his players.

sidney 652 days ago

Sexton has always mouthed off, it’s a fine line bringing something to the ref or asking for clarification but he steps over the line too often, years ago he’d of been put straight but nowadays it’s a given that he’ll get away with it, one day a ref will penalise him but I’m not holding my breath

Ian 652 days ago

Section was right. Baird taken out by the fullback who neither looked at the ball or even left the ground to contest for the ball. Ref was poor and Sexton was trying to protect his players from dangerous play!

sebastiaan 653 days ago

Because of so many laws noadays players don't have a choice but to "play" the ref as well . The new upcoming test of laws in Australia aren't suppose to be tested,but rather implemented. Lets be fair a referee can just deal with what is written in lawbooks . If players learn to stop playing dangerous and yet still make the game faster by letting the ball do the work then referees will automaticcaly let the game flow .

robespierre 653 days ago

Sexton flipped over a dangerous mid-air collision and two high shots in a row by the same player. Yeah, it's not a nice look, but he was perfectly entitled to call it out to the ref.

Karl 653 days ago

Baird could have been killed thanks to Abrahams hit in the air but the referee wouldn't review it, even though play was stopped for five minutes while medics worked on Baird.

Dave 653 days ago

Ref was poor Sexton right to mention the previous stretcher case and failed hia. Sharks went for a number of cheap dirty shots.
Player safety wont improve until refs actually act on it and punish offenses

Ruby 654 days ago


CJNeil 654 days ago

as a South African we really need to stop this moaning shit this isnt how south africans act if we have problem or dislike something its up to the players on the field to find justice not us to act like the english or kiwis winge at every missed call or if a player from another team gets one over on us or the ref.
Johnny got one over on us play on its up to the players do something about it next time.
also even though people hate players like johnny sexton or nic white they make the game more interesting entertaining so play on.

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