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Webb's fianceé returns to Wales

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Rhys Webb's fiancee returns to Wales with the couple's three children in tow

Rhys Webb, the Wales scrumhalf who put his test career on hold to sign a big money deal with Toulon, is having to say goodbye to his family who are quitting France and returning home.

The news has been confirmed by Webb’s fiancée, Delyth Hewitt in her blog with confirmation that Webb is staying in France while she heads home with their three children, Regan, 8, Jesse, 3, and baby Remi. It highlights the pressures that players and their families must deal with when moving countries.

In her blog she explained the difficulties of moving to a different country with young children stating: “Of course, there are moments where I have doubts: is this really a realistic idea? Leaving Rhys here and taking the boys back? But the truth is, I don’t really know what it’s going to be like.

“I know it’s going to be amazing being around family and friends again and it’ll be lovely to not have to stare blankly at someone who speaks rapid French to me in the supermarket or remember ‘passenger to pavement’ whenever I find myself driving on unfamiliar roads and my instinct is to come off the roundabout the wrong way (again). But it’s going to be horrible being away from Rhys.

“Now I’m ok with my own company, I’m a bit of a hermit anyway, and we’re only 7 hours door to door away, but still.. it’s that extra pair of hands around; the company you enjoy sitting in silence with after a long day of finding responses to satisfy Jesse’s constant intrigue; a different (and apparently more authoritative) voice for the boys to hear telling them to “LEAVE EACH OTHER ALONE” or him being there take the boys outside to practice rugby drills in the garden. Either way, what we both know is that their happiness and their fulfillment is paramount, and we’re so so proud of the effort they and their friends have put in trying to adapt to their new lifestyle.

“So (in a few weeks) we go again, on another little adventure. Only this time to more familiar territory…..”

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Rhys Webb's fiancee returns to Wales with the couple's three children in tow