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Ex-Gloucester chairman spills salary-cap beans


Ex-Gloucester chairman applauded after he spills beans on Twitter about salary cap's ugly truth

Former Gloucester chairman Ryan Walkinshaw has launched an impassioned tirade on Twitter regarding breaches of the salary cap.

This comes after allegations from the Daily Mail that Saracens are breaching the salary cap, sparking an investigation from Premiership Rugby.
However, Walkinshaw has “no doubt” that other clubs are doing the same thing in England, even stating that he has had other owners “admit it to my face”.
Walkinshaw, who was chairman of the Cherry and Whites for over five years, clearly has strong opinions about the salary cap, something he will have first hand experience of working with.

He explained on Twitter how clubs may wrangle their way around the regulations in order to stay within the requirements, and further explained how hard it is therefore for Premiership Rugby to investigate.

The businessman, who’s father Tom argued for the introduction of the salary cap when he was chairman of the club, also said that he views breaching the cap in the same way that he sees performance-enhancing drugs.

He said: “One is financial enhanced performance and the other is chemical enhanced performance but both have a similar effect on a club’s ability to deliver on the pitch.”

Walkinshaw also explained how he suggested the investigation should be held by a third party, such as PWC. This would mean that clubs are less likely to “brush breaches under the carpet”. He also said that the real punishment is the public shame of being cheats before the fans, sponsors and players, as any financial penalty is barely a deterrent to any club.

This is what Walkinshaw had to say:

The salary cap has always been a contentious issue in English rugby, and this latest saga has allowed many fans, pundits and players to weigh in with their views on the topic.

In response to the allegations, Saracens have said that they comply with Premiership Rugby salary regulations.

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Ex-Gloucester chairman applauded after he spills beans on Twitter about salary cap's ugly truth
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