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Lions reach Joey Mongalo decision


Lions reach a decision about what to do with the sentenced Joey Mongalo

Super Rugby’s Lions have revealed that Joey Mongalo will resume his role as defence coach next Monday.

Mongalo faced an internal disciplinary hearing after he was found guilty of indecent assault and sentenced by a Sydney court in April.

The 34-year-old was accused of indecently assaulting a hotel worker during the Lions’ Australian tour in last year’s Super Rugby tournament.

The verdict was delivered to Mongalo when the Lions visited Australia last month – for a round nine encounter with the Rebels in Canberra. He attended the hearing in Sydney at the time.

Mongala was sent home on the eve of the Lions’ win over the Chiefs in New Zealand and the Lions held the disciplinary hearing last week.

The Lions released a statement on Thursday, claiming that Mongalo was found to have breached company policy but was scheduled to resume his duties on Monday.

“Lions Rugby Company has concluded their internal disciplinary procedure which was chaired by an independent labour consultant on Thursday, April 25, 2019.

“Mongalo was found to have breached company policy, by bringing the company’s name into disrepute. The company has decided to proceed with the recommended sanction handed down by the independent labour consultant which includes corrective disciplinary action and compulsory ethical and professional management training,”

“Legally, Mr Mongalo maintains his innocence and therefore continues to appeal the Australian magistrate court ruling and he proceeds to do so in his private capacity.

“Mongalo is scheduled to resume his duties on Monday, May 6, and the company considers the matter as having been finalised.”

The Lions Rugby Company made it clear there will be no further comment regarding the matter.

Mongala had been found guilty in Australia on 12 April after a trial where he was accused of forcing a hotel employee at Crown Plaza Hotel in Cogee to touch him in an untoward manner.

The court also heard that CCTV footage revealed that Mongalo and the employee had interacted at least two times at a hotel counter before the incident.

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Lions reach a decision about what to do with the sentenced Joey Mongalo