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Jones leads England fact-finding mission in Japan


Jones leads England fact-finding mission in Japan

Eddie Jones has begun the process of familiarising England with Japanese conditions, some two years out from the Rugby World Cup.

Jones has led England to successive Six Nations titles and a record-equalling winning run since leaving his role as Japan coach.

England were sent to an embarrassing pool-stage defeat on home soil in the 2015 competition, but Jones hopes a repeat will be avoided in Japan.

“There are two years to go so we are getting to the very serious part of the build up to the Rugby World Cup,” said Jones.

“I wanted to bring some of my staff over here from each department to start to familiarise themselves with Japan and understand the possible climatic conditions as well as get a feel of what it is going to be like to play in the World Cup here.”

He added: “People don’t have the impression of Japan being a hot country. It’s not seen as a hot and humid country from foreigners.

“The English in particular describe Japan as the ‘Far East’ which is a lovely quaint old term.

“In Japan it’s important to establish relationships in person. Everything needs to be done face to face so it’s an opportunity for our staff to build key relationships with Japanese rugby.”

England will compete in Pool C against France, Argentina, Tonga and the United States.

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Jones leads England fact-finding mission in Japan
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