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Nations Championship gains traction


World Rugby still pushing the Nations Championship - with Japan and Fiji included

World Rugby are continuing to push the proposed Nations Championship – the global tournament which would see the top international sides play each other at least once per year.

The tournament was criticised from all corners of the globe when it was revealed that only the ‘top’ 10 countries (the Six Nations and Rugby Championship side) would be a part of the first tier.

Latest plans for the Nations Championship indicate that Fiji and Japan would both be included in the competition – massively increasing the competition’s appeal.

Perhaps more importantly for the various rugby unions around the world, the total revenue allocated out participating countries would be increased from £4 billion to £5 billion over the arrangement’s 12-year term.

Muddying the waters is that the Six Nations sides are still considering sizeable offers from alternative sources for private investment in the Six Nations. Both private equity firm CVC and sports agency International Management Group have have put significant investment offers on the table for the members of the Six Nations to mull over.

Some Six Nations sides were unconvinced with the Nations Championship – particularly with the potential for promotion and relegation to occur between the top tier and below. Whether the increased cash on offer and the inclusion of Fiji and Japan will change their minds is anyone’s guess.

A final decision will likely be made by World Rugby members next month.

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World Rugby still pushing the Nations Championship - with Japan and Fiji included