“They created a bit, didn’t they? The first try was from a Sonny Bill break but I think the jury’s still out,” he said. “I don’t think he’ll be entirely happy with his game but he’ll be better for the experience.

“What else would you expect? His first game, in front of 82,000 at Twickenham, is a pretty big ask. I’m pretty happy with what he displayed.”

Williams’ assessment of the match was well aligned with that of his coach, admitting his performance had some highs and lows and hoping for another shot in the black jersey to apply the learnings and make his mark on the match.

“I spent the few hours after the game feeling proud of myself for accomplishing what I said I wanted to do when I came across to rugby,” he said. “But I was disappointed with my own game and I am looking for a bit more game time to improve on my performance.

“I pride myself on my work rate and the intensity was a huge step up from the national competition at home in New Zealand. It was a rollercoaster out there. I did a couple of good things and a couple of bad things. The biggest thing for me is feeling like you let the boys down.

“The only way you will improve as a player was through game time. We have class players but hopefully, I will get another shot. Hopefully, I can stay in that 22, keep learning and it will be like a snowball effect, so I can start expressing myself a lot more. If I do get another shot I will back myself a lot more.”