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Fans divided as Gloucester unveil new crest and...


Fans divided as Gloucester unveil new crest and it's very similar to a Premiership rival

Gloucester Rugby have revealed a new logo and in doing so also reserved a dig for their West Country rivals Bristol.

“No name changes” Gloucester quipped when making the announcement on Twitter, after Bristol took criticism from some quarters over their rebrand to Bristol Bears.

The club undertook a review of the clubs brand last summer and the new crest has been given the thumbs up by the board. But some fans have hit out over its similarities with Leicester Tigers crest.


One Twitter user called @Stockoglaws said “I wonder how long it took the ex Leicester marketing guy / girl to come up with that logo”

Another used described it as a “Rip off of the Tigers badge!”

But the club defended the re-brand decision saying on their website: “The Gloucester Rugby brand was seen as a key element in terms of the future success of the club and it became clear that the brand had evolved however, there were some omissions that made the brand difficult to work with.”

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Video: John Afoa speaks about his time with Gloucester

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The use of the Lion on the crest was also explained.

“The Lion is a symbol that has been part of the Gloucester Rugby logo for some time.  The Lion is a symbol that is on the Gloucester City crest, the original badge Gloucester Rugby used before we had to develop a new logo in 2007 as we could not trademark the city crest.”

“Those familiar will also know we have a bar just behind “The Shed”, called the Lion’s Den (the only original standing building on the Kingsholm site) and our mascot is a Lion called Kingsley so there has been a link with Lions for many years.  However, as already stated we are not changing our name – we remain Gloucester Rugby.”

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The club also released a statement with Martin St. Quinton, Chairman of Gloucester Rugby, stating:

“The over-riding aim of Gloucester Rugby is to be a highly successful Club which our supporters can be proud of, now and for many years to come. Success on the field and off the field go hand in hand. A great amount of thought, care, respect and work has gone into this and I and all at the Club who have been involved in this work believe what has been developed will provide Gloucester Rugby with the right tools for the future

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Fans divided as Gloucester unveil new crest and it's very similar to a Premiership rival | RugbyPass