Ex-Scotland captain Rory Lawson has revealed further details of his frightening day by day battle to overcome coronavirus symptoms. 


The 39-year-old initially took to Twitter on Sunday to explain how a cough, fever and aches left him feeling fortunate not to hospitalised.

He has since provided an insight into his daily journey through the illness in the hope that his stark story can make people sit up and take greater notice of the seriousness of the virus. 

“If it changes the way one person views it or behaves then it’s worthwhile,” he said, explaining why he has been so forthright with details of how the illness has affected him. 

“It’s very clear that everyone reacts differently to the virus but it is NOT just those 70+ who are vulnerable. This virus is nasty, it can impact anyone and it kills.

“It’s worth saying that I’m never ill. I didn’t feel vulnerable to coronavirus at all and thought I’d get ‘mild’ symptoms at the very worst… if only. I’m now on day nine of symptoms and struggling to shake it.


“Not diagnosed. The only testing that happens takes place in hospitals. Thankfully it didn’t come to that for me. Zero doubt I’ve had it though. Will get the antibody test when it’s released.”

Acknowledging that his initial revelations on Twitter last Sunday has garnered much attention, Lawson took readers through a day by day account of his illness so far. 

“Day 1/2 – tickly cough (thought nothing of it). Day 3/4 – Big shift in symptoms. Fever, sweats, shivers, terrible body aches, temperature 38.8 degrees. Short of breath, physically wiped.

“Day 4/5 – fever gone. Cough worsened. Energy remained rock bottom. Aches still apparent. Loss of taste and smell. Managed a 30-minute walk but got home and suffered horrendous cramps in legs!!


“Day 6/7 – aches gone. Cough less frequent but deeper in the chest, energy 40-50 per cent of ‘normal’. Still can’t taste/smell anything. Yesterday/today – energy 50-60 per cent, cough still there and still producing gunk. Taste/smell slowly coming back.

“Hoping that I’ll be back to normal by the weekend. My wife India had a terrible fever and cough yesterday but seems to have recovered well. Barring loss of taste/smell.”

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