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Spain send spine-tingling message


Watch - Spanish team deliver rousing pre-match speech

World Rugby have released footage of the inspiring team talk delivered before Spain’s 84-10 thumping of Germany.

Spanish co-captain Gautier Gibouin delivered a rousing gameday speech that was sure to send chills down a few spines and get the blood flowing.

“Boys, today people say: This is the Lions’ first final. The truth is that in two years we have played many finals and every single time we have won,” he begins.

“We have won because we have played not as a team, but as a family! Because here we don’t care which players we have in front of us, no, we care about the brothers beside us.

“That’s how we always won, that’s how we will win today. Today we continue to write the history of the Spanish rugby, our history, come on Lions.”

Captain Jaime Nava finishes the speech, repeating “That’s right, our history, our history. Our home, our rules. Come on!” before bringing the team in.

Spain v Germany Team Talk

Spine tingling stuff from Federación Española de Rugby. They have a shot at Rugby World Cup 2019 qualifcation on Sunday. If they beat Belgium, they join Pool A as Europe 1. Follow it LIVE on at 1300hrs CET

Posted by World Rugby on Wednesday, 14 March 2018

The Spaniards will qualify for the 2019 Rugby World Cup on Sunday if they beat Belgium, joining a strong Pool A that already contains Ireland, Scotland and hosts Japan.

Spain have previously qualified just once, making an appearance at the 1999 World Cup where they placed 18th out of 20 teams.

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Watch - Spanish team deliver rousing pre-match speech