Benetton Rugby communicates the following medical bulletin regarding Nasi Manu.


On 30th August, following a medical check-up completed by the team’s medical staff at the athlete’s uro-genital apparatus, it had emerged the presence of a neoformation at this level that, the following day, had forced the immediate surgical intervention by the team of the urology department Ca’ Foncello hospital of Treviso.

The surgery was perfectly successful, the player was so resigned last September 4 observing a period of post-surgical convalescence.

Yesterday, the last blood tests were carried out that highlighted for Nasi Manu the need to start a cycle of chemotherapy in the next few days.

Manu stated: “I just want to say a big thank you to Dr. Luigi Maccatrozzo, Dr. Alberto De Gobbi, Dr Giandavide Cova and the rest of the team in the urology department of Treviso hospital.

“Thank you to my club, management and teammates, I appreciate all your support. Thank you to my wife, family and friends. I’ve still got a little bit of treatment before the fight is over but I know I’ll get through and be back soon”

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