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Ref Kaplan critises BOD captaincy


Video - 'Squeaky and emotional' - Kaplan takes serious swing at O'Driscoll captaincy

Former international referee Jonathan Kaplan has taken a serious pot shot at Ireland legend Brian O’Driscoll on a South African podcast.

Kaplan was asked about captaincy styles on ‘The Late Tackle’ podcast and he didn’t hesitate in naming O’Driscoll as a player whose manner of addressing the referee (in his eyes at least) was ‘pretty average’ (the question is asked 3 minutes in).

The South African also gave his view on the controversy surrounding Television Match Officials (TMOs) in the modern game.

Howie Kahn, Morgan Newman and Anton van Zyl look back at the opening round of Super Rugby before bringing Kaplan in to speak about his love for running marathons and what changes should be made to the current state of TMOs.

They then look to Round Two, with the New Zealand and Australian teams playing their first matches and size up what is sure to be an interesting penultimate round of Six Nations action.

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Video - 'Squeaky and emotional' - Kaplan takes serious swing at O'Driscoll captaincy