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BBC's Sonja McLaughlan hospitalised


'I was very lucky' - BBC's Sonja McLaughlan hospitalised after accident at home

The BBC’s Sonja McLaughlan has been hospitalised following a fall at her home earlier this week.

The well-known rugby and athletics journalist has been recounting the incident on Twitter, where she describes being aided by the help of two ‘Good Samaritans’ who tended to her immediately after she fell down a flight of stairs.

“On Tuesday night I had an accident. I fell backwards down a flight of stairs landing on concrete outside my house. I had a back injury already so the impact did further damage and the pain was indescribable. It’s midnight and I realise I’m stuck and can’t move.”

“I’m in agony crawling around on all fours incapable of reaching my phone inside the flat. Disclaimer at this point that no alcohol had been involved. It’s first time ever I’ve had to shout for help. And I tell you this because I had not one but two good Samaritans arrive.”

“David was first on the scene and heard my SOS. Quite what he made of a middle-aged woman with her bum in the air groaning one can only imagine. He called an ambulance and took care of my dog.”

“Sarah was the next guardian angel. She has been fast asleep in a house across the road but my plaintiff cries were enough to wake her up. She wondered if someone was mucking about but came along in her pjs and dressing gown to investigate.

“She didn’t leave my side for 2 hours”

“The fact I was stuck on my knees with my backside in the air meant she didn’t see my face until the paramedics put me on the stretcher. Yet she kept me calm, held my hand and had one of those voices that told you everything would be okay.”

“It’s one way to meet a new neighbour! But the lovely Sarah and her sidekick David went above and beyond for a stranger and didn’t leave me until I was safely on my way to hospital.

“The paramedics and NHS doctors were also tremendous.”

“I’m still a bit sore and resting.I’m indebted to both my good Samaritans and I’m hoping I can one day pay it forward by helping someone else in their hour of need. It doesn’t take much to be kind and I won’t forget how Sarah and David showed the way.”

“Not how I expected my Tuesday evening to end. I was very lucky it wasn’t a lot worse.”

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'I was very lucky' - BBC's Sonja McLaughlan hospitalised after accident at home
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