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Glasgow to lose Bhatti

PRO 14    

Glasgow to lose Bhatti to Edinburgh - reports

Glasgow prop Jamie Bhatti is set for a move to Edinburgh at the end of the season – according to a report in the Sunday Times.

The prop is thought to be a lack of game time this season, having started just three matches this season.

He earned a one-year extension last year but appears to have fallen out of favour in Dave Rennie’s setup.

The 25-year-old made his international debut against Samoa in November 2017 and took part in every game as Scotland finished third in the 2018 Six Nations.

Bhatti was called into the Glasgow squad following a rash of injuries, leaving a job as a slaughterhouse worker. He described how days at the slaughterhouse refined his determination to make it at the highest level.

“In the beginning, I was in the packing room, packing the meat, but then they put me through my licence to do the killing,” Bhatti told BBC Sport.

“I was on the sheep slaughter line for a while and then I got put over on the cattle side. That was seen as a step up. For my last two years, I slaughtered cattle.

“Three of us done it. The same thing all day long from six in the morning.

“Dire. Poor cows, man. Standing killing cows all day. I’ll have killed 100,000 cows and I remember thinking at the time, ‘I can’t be in here for the rest of my days. I just can’t be’.”

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Glasgow to lose Bhatti to Edinburgh - reports
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