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French 'detention' - there have been developments in...


French 'detention' - there have been developments in Scotland

The French Rugby Federation (FFR) have suggested that the reports that a number of their players have been involved in a brawl were not true.

The FFR confirmed earlier today that a number of players were questioned by police in Edinburgh. However, in a further tweet, they referred to a tweet reporting the players having been involved in a brawl as ‘false information’.

Le JDD in France are now reporting that the players were not involved in a brawl, but were questioned as potential witnesses to an alleged sexual assault by Scottish police.

The investigation then established that “no crime has been committed”, according to a statement from the local police.

The reports suggest that the questioning of the players had been authorized by the coach Jacques Brunel, and that the group of players exited the plane just minutes before take-off.

President of the FFR, Bernard Laporte, assured the other players on the intercom that the situation was “not bad” and that “We do not know at all what happened, they are heard as a witness on something,” before adding: “We will not spend the day there.”

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French 'detention' - there have been developments in Scotland | RugbyPass