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By Josh Raisey
Eddie Jones, Head Coach of Australia, speaks to the media in the post match press conference following the Rugby World Cup France 2023 match between Wales and Australia at Parc Olympique on September 24, 2023 in Lyon, France. (Photo by Chris Hyde/Getty Images)

Eddie Jones’ reported meeting with Japan prior to the World Cup was always going to be much-discussed and the inspiration for a line of inquiry in the wake of Australia’s 40-6 humbling at the hands of Wales on Sunday, effectively ending their hopes of making it out of the pool stages a week after a loss to Fiji.


So that proved to be the case, as the head coach was peppered with questions regarding this reported interview after the match. Jones swatted the questions away without giving a definitive answer as to whether he had this interview or not.

However, body language expert Darren Stanton saw all he needed to see post match to reach his own conclusion. The man dubbed the ‘human lie detector’ claims Jones did in fact have an interview with Japan from what he has seen from the Australian’s responses.

Before being used by the likes of the BBC and ITV to analyse high profile events, Darren “spent his days investigating and dealing with liars, cheats and criminals as a Police Officer,” according to his website. He has used his skills to examine Jones’ body language, and explained why he reached the conclusion he has reached.

“It appears to me that Eddie Jones is not being honest in his press conference and I do believe that he has had an interview with Japan,” Stanton told Genting Casino recently.

“There’s a hesitancy when he’s first asked the question about Japan, he takes a small half-breath and then his blink rate goes bizarre. A blink rate is linked to a shift in emotion and we change our emotions significantly when we lie. This tells me that he has had an interview with Japan.

“His eyebrows are up and his eyes are wide, which is a sign of fear. He’s afraid he’s been rumbled and that his deception has not been bought. He shakes his head when he answers in the affirmative, which is contradictory and the language he uses is ‘lying by admission’, which means he’s skirting over it and essentially saying ‘no comment’.



“There’s about three or four red flags throughout his answers. If he hadn’t had engaged in an interview with Japan, then it would be like an instant ‘no, I haven’t’, or something clear like that, but he’s very deflective and resorts to ‘parroting’. ‘Parroting’ is where you repeat a series of short statements or you mirror language used by an interrogator as you don’t have the time to think of a plausible response so you resort to this kind of language in an attempt to hide the truth.”

Stanton also assessed Wallabies captain Dave Porecki’s response to whether the reports had unsettled the squad prior to the crunch match against Warren Gatland’s side.

He said: “When Dave Porecki has his say on Australia’s peformance, he says ‘it’s got nothing to do with the outside nouse, it’s just got to do with our performance and we just weren’t good enough’. When he says ‘it’s got nothing to do with the outside noise’, he bites his lip a lot which tells me he’s lying because we bite our lip when we feel guilty about telling a lie and he knows that he and his coach are not telling the truth.

“He knows that the morale is really bad, at an all time low, and that is perhaps because Jones is looking to jump ship.”


Here are the clips of Jones:




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