The stay at home advice during the coronavirus pandemic has convinced Matt Giteau of one thing – that teachers aren’t paid enough. 


The long-serving ex-Wallaby midfielder is back home in Canberra following the cancellation of the remainder of the Japanese Top League season and the readjustment to family life has had its moments.

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Rather than move to Japan after Giteau’s lengthy stint at Toulon came to an end, Giteau’s wife and two boys went to live in Australia which left him spending considerable chunks of time away from them in order to play for Suntory. 

Now back at home, he has been quickly catching up. “I’ve never even known such long days. The hardest part is the duties of the little ones in reality,” he quipped in an interview with French bi-weekly Midi Olympique.

“My sons are six and eight years old. And today, I can clearly tell you that the teachers are not paid enough. We should give them salaries of a prime minister or president for what they do.


“Anyway, I also feel like this time is priceless. Since when had I not spent so many hours with my children? 

“When I’m not travelling, they are in school six hours a day and we hardly see each other… so, I’m just trying to think of this period as a way to make up for lost time, but it’s still quite a challenge.

“No, I’m exaggerating… you know, my two boys were born in Toulon. When we left France, they spoke very little English. So I wanted them to go live in Australia, even if I live the Japanese experience alone. Two years later, their English is good. We can finally communicate.”

Having returned from Japan, Giteau had two take precautions upon his return to Australia. “I had to spend the first two weeks in quarantine so as not to expose my wife and my children to a possible microbe. 


“I can’t leave my house. In the evening, I sleep in a separate room and during the day, I always stand more than two metres away.”

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