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Rassie Erasmus sends another loaded tweet towards the All Blacks and Foster

By Kim Ekin
Rassie Erasmus, Director of Rugby, looks on prior to the Summer International match between New Zealand All Blacks v South Africa at Twickenham Stadium on August 25, 2023 in London, England. (Photo by David Rogers/Getty Images)

Springboks Director of Rugby Rassie Erasmus’ active week on Twitter has continued after sharing a post seemingly aimed at the All Blacks and head coach Ian Foster.


Erasmus earlier shared his thoughts following Foster’s disparaging comments around the ball-in-play time between South Africa and Ireland after New Zealand’s 96-17 win over Italy.

There was roughly a two minute difference in ball-in-play time between the two fixtures which the Director pointed out in his first public response to Foster.

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He was back for more on the eve of the All Blacks’ clash with Uruguay, tweeting out statistics from the 1995 Rugby World Cup final played between the Springboks and All Blacks.

“Sorry MY bad here we go!!” he wrote in a veiled tweet.

“Interesting to see how and where the game has changed since the 1995 World Cup final.”

The statistics shared show a ball-in-play time of 32 minutes which is nearly exactly the same as the All Blacks encounter with Italy last week.

By contrast the Springboks-Ireland pool match was roughly 30 minutes in total.


The busy week on Twitter comes as South Africa enjoy their bye week in the south of France ahead of the final round of pool stage clashes.

Erasmus has offered his thoughts on the Ireland-Scotland game and clapped back at media personality Ger Gilroy after suggesting that he preferred to be in South Africa’s position rather than Ireland’s.

He continued the mind games by following two accounts, the official accounts of Scotland Rugby and Ireland Rugby.


The Springboks players seem to be enjoying down time in Cassis where they have been sharing on social media time with family at the beach in the sun.

South Africa has to await the outcome of the clash to find out whether they will qualify for the quarter-finals with a pool exit still a possibility but extremely unlikely.


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Allan 276 days ago

He really is a nasty piece of stuff as was proved when he was banned from rugby for a period of time. Men like him will never change & leave a stain on fair-minded rugby!

Euan 277 days ago

Fozzie won't notice the tweet - he's too busy flipping coins to decide his quarterfinal team….

Ian 281 days ago

It’s all mind games, nothing more nothing less. My pick is the Irish going home once again in the quarters. Boks VS France is harder to pick, but I would never bet against the boks.

Harry 281 days ago

All goes back to the Kiwi teams missing the SA teams in Super Rugby. ABs seem to have gone backwards..

Mitch 282 days ago

I would assume the 1995 World Cup final lasting 100 minutes instead of 80 contributes to the 32:05 ball in play.

Chris 282 days ago

All blacks can complain about the “boring” Springboks from home soon. Go Ireland 🇮🇪 give them a good Suzie. On a serious note, rugby is beautiful because it’s a game of chess ♟️. Running around like headless chickens isn’t entertaining. If it was entertaining then people would go watch games that go 100-0. Zzzzzzz

Dave 282 days ago

Well said Kerry,on the money it's just a pity how a history shows it.

Dave 282 days ago

I would rather see as much time with ball in hand as possible however setting up scrums and line out is a massively integral part of the game, just hoping for minimal pedantic penalties and a good free flowing game. Too much kicking bores the hell out of me especially when a lot of it's pretty mindless. They also need a drop field goals to 1 point, memories of Johnny Wilkinson popping them over from everywhere against the All Blacks

Kerry 283 days ago

I tell you what hasnt changed since the 1995 world cup final Rassie SA havent been stripped of their title for deliberatley posioning the AB a day before the Final - there was no way SA reunification celebrations were going to disrupted by the easily the best team NZ - something had to be done - Suzie the waitress story was just a dead end doggy bone they cocked up to throw the world off the real scent - what was and still is starrying us all in the face is SA intelligence services and the SARFU had one last assignment before white rule was reversed - Do anything and everything to ensure a SA victory amd geez they almost stuffed it up because NZ took them to extra tme thats how good they were It is a SA national disgrace and a World Rugby Scandal - their biggest of all Scandals buried just like govts do with their corruption treason fraud and ge nocide of their citizens The world and the game has been hijacked by freemasons Govts Officials Coaches Players Sponsors Media and the hidden hands behind the scenes directing almost every major sporting event and world crisis Any sport that allows betting is corrupt - we cannot believe anything they say and yet the programmed dummies out there let it pass over them like a smoking joint - are we at the stage where the world wants corruption in their lives
Anyway tell you what SA are out in the quarters France will see to that. NZ will make the Finals

Cheers 283 days ago

I truly think Foster mis-worded his own comment which has now created this whole other discussion about ball in play. Its multi layered

This is world cup is really show casing everyone’s different style of play

It’s no secret the All Blacks love attacking rugby they want to create fatigue in the game

My interpretation is not many other side’s seem like they want to play they would rather kick the ball, tackle and go to a set piece which is fine if that’s there style and it works for them (this is coined or defined as Negative Rugby) This is where opportunities are created.

Then yes there’s the packing down for scrums, setting up for lineouts etc people paying for 80mins of Rugby and only getting 27mins of action on a cold plastic seat and 4 Mexican waves. All of which are all part of the game we grew up loving. we just need balance.

Maybe look at how many reserves we carry

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N.Z. Under 20'‘s concede 7 tries to France Unfortunately New Zealand Rugby has lost over 25% + of players between 12-18 over the last 3-5 years, possibly more. Poor administration and a Shocking Public Perception about the NZRFU has finally caught up with these dinosaurs. 66% of N.Z. Population lives North of Hamilton and 52% of Auckland population are Asian, who would rather play football. Rugby is dying while other Sports are growing. The rules need to change around the collision/tackle but personally I think the absolute “Arrogance and Stupidity” that the NZRFU has demonstrated over the decades, “with their jobs for the boys attitude” has led to their demise. A Professional Players Union that can somehow “Disassociate itself from the “Old men with bad breath and dandruff” that is the NZRFU, will be a huge challenge. Personally I think it’s far too late to recover and rejuvenate interest in Rugby by young players. Rugby is booming in France and that’s the difference. A booming Professional domestic League. NZRFU are “Not fit for purpose” and have no idea about commercial reality My kids generation would rather their kids don’t play Rugby. Very aware of CTE and the NZRFU arrogance and stupidity, in denying its existence. Finally, the NZRFU have managed to cover up ”Numerous serious crimes over the decades, committed by players, coaches and administrators simply because the tentacles of their “Power and Influence” have reached all sectors of New Zealand Society, including the Judiciary, Politicians, Police and Big business. Denying CTE even exists is a “no brainer for them”

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