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Ireland are masters of all they survey, now for the World Cup

The feats of Andy Farrell's squad will be lauded in the years to come but they must now rid themselves of the World Cup hex

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Introducing a new era of fantasy rugby: ASX Sports

By Josh Raisey

A new rugby game is launching this week that is going to take you by storm. Think fantasy rugby meets Jerry Maguire, where you can trade players in real-time and earn cash prizes against your friends, family and colleagues. Show me the money!


Unlike traditional fantasy rugby games, each match is a separate contest with great cash prizes and sportzcoins* up for grabs. So every Six Nations weekend you have three opportunities to play and win.

This FREE game allows you to play along live and trade players in real-time that you think aren’t performing to your expected standards. It’s so simple, all you have to do is spend $1,000 fantasy dollars on player shares. You select how many shares you want in each player and they accumulate you points (or dividends) based on their on-pitch performances. The more shares you have in top-performing players the more points (or dividends) they earn you. The only rules are you have to have more than three players in your team. It’s simple!!

So how do you get involved? All you have to do is download the ASX Sports app then you’re almost ready to enjoy the next generation of fantasy sports.

If you want further details we have compiled a simple how-to guide:

How to Play

To begin, download the App from either the App Store or Google Play by searching for ASX Sports and then follow the Sign-Up Instructions. There’s still have plenty of time for you to sign up, so don’t miss out on this new era of gaming.


1. Invest
Once you are in the ASX Sports App, register for the game you want to enter and get ready for the Contest IPO (Initial Player Offering), which will open 48 hours before the game. Think you know who this Six Nations’ hidden talents and dark horses will be? Now you can prove it by backing them big time!

ASX gives you a budget of $1,000 fantasy dollars to invest in each contest, but you decide which athletes to buy based on who you believe will perform best on the day. You must pick a minimum of three athletes to join and the cap on any one athlete is 998 dollars.

2. Market
Before the game begins, buy shares and build your portfolio of athletes. View the individual athletes for each contest, make your picks and prepare to take on the world.


3. Portfolio
Take your enjoyment of the game to a whole new level as you keep track of your investments in your portfolio while watching the game live.

4. Fantasy Dividends
Fantasy Dividends are based on an athlete’s performance in live games. Tries scored, tackles, ball carries and line breaks are some of the stats that count towards a player’s performance.

You can trade your shares any time during the live game as you see an athlete’s stock go up and down in order to maximise value. If a player is underperforming, you can simply give them the chop by selling them on. That’s what makes this better than all existing fantasy rugby games.

Head to the leaderboard to see where you stand and take a look at what players your rivals are holding and their portfolio allocation.

How To Win

Do you see yourself as a trading whizz or a rugby guru? Either way, you’re 80 minutes away from becoming a rugby tycoon!

1. Pick the players who will provide you with the highest dividends throughout the game. The Winner is the User with the highest cumulative portfolio (Portfolio + Dividends) at the end of the game.

2. Earn dividends by picking athletes who are scoring based on the specially designed live fantasy score sheet.

3. The more shares you own, the more dividends you can earn. If a player’s value goes up, you can sell them and use that bonus to buy other players. While you cannot buy players with your dividends, your earnings will be locked and will add to your cumulative portfolio.

For example: You have ten shares in Johnny Sexton and he scores two tries. Each try is worth $15 fantasy dollars, so Sexton earns $30 fantasy dollars (2 x $15 for each try). That means with ten shares you earn $300 (10 shares x $30 fantasy dollars).

4. But be careful. The more expensive the player is, the fewer shares you can afford to buy. The more successful the player is at winning fantasy dividends, the more expensive they will become.

Buying and Selling

Once you decide to buy a player, you enter the Player Trading screen.

Here you can buy as many shares of that player within your budget or sell the shares you own in that player. Once a purchase is made, you will be able to track your order flow in Price Trends.

Player Pricing

This is where you need to be savvy with your picks. IPO player prices are based on the expected points performance and once the IPO opens, prices will move with market demand. The more points expected, the higher the price will be, meaning you can own fewer shares.

Player prices will get adjusted after each game based on their performances as well.

So it is not necessarily about buying the the most expensive players, as you will be unable to buy as many shares. As your earnings are determined by number of shares multiplied by points earned, having a substantial number of shares in a player is key as well.

ASX โ€“ the worldโ€™s 1st fantasy rugby game with live in-game trading โ€“ Are you playing yet? Download Now on Android or Apple!


*Sportzcoins are ASX Sportsโ€™ digital currency which players can win in contests. Soon players will be able to use them to purchase tickets to premium contests or for discounts on our upcoming NFTs.


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