Owen Farrell was put through the ringer today on social media following his shock sending off for an outrageous but not entirely surprising clothesline tackle as Saracens fell to Wasps at Allianz Park. The Farrell high shot is maybe the most widely discussed and controversial tackling technique in the sport, and the apparent tendency for the England playmaker to get off lightly is sore a point for some rugby fans.


Yet today his luck ran out.

Much to the mirth of the internet (Saracens fans excluded), Farrell was given his marching orders by referee Christophe Ridley for the clothes-lining of Wasps back Charlie Atkinson.

Yet among the widespread condemnation, there was at least one defense posted from an unlikely and rather famous source. Former WWE heavyweight John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield.

“Owen Farrell is a great player who has never been accused of dirty play, he made an aggressive mistake. He gets penalized, case closed-it’s a tough sport and he’s a tough guy. And he would be welcome in WWE,” Tweeted Mr Layfield.


Yet JBL wasn’t done. He went further suggesting he admired Owen Farrell’s clothesline technique.

“Rugby guys are tough, apparently a bunch of twitter wannabe rugby players aren’t. A lot of crying going on about a high tackle that got a penalty.”

“I see you appreciate a good clothesline! Me too. No one on this chain-I just see so many crying about this and it’s not that big of a deal. It’s a tough sport played by tough people and he was penalized. Owen came to Bermuda and supported our charity, good guy.”


“He’s a great competitor. Loved him against the All Blacks.”

Maybe a WWE wrestler who was famed for the ‘The Clothesline From Hell’ might not have been the ideal candidate to defend Farrell, but any port in a storm right Owen?

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