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Sexton's tackle technique

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Video analysis suggests Jonathan Sexton needs to rethink his tackle technique

Jonathan Sexton suffered yet another injury against Exeter last weekend which could potentially see him miss his side’s upcoming interprovincial clash with Munster.

While it’s clear that Sexton’s defense has been a massive asset both to Ireland and Leinster, has it also started to become a danger to his long-term health.

The article is in no way meant as a scaremongering piece about the dangers of head injuries, as by now we are all more than aware of the possible future ramifications that repeated head injuries can have on a sports person, whether it be boxing or NFL.

A recent study from the NFL published in July by the medical journal JAMA stated that “Chronic traumatic encephalopathy, known as CTE, was found in 99% of deceased NFL players’ brains that were donated to scientific research”

Yes, rugby is a completely separate entity but is still a sport in which participants will incur impacts to the head on occasion and as Johnny Sexton knows, some more than others.

His technique with regards tackling is often purposefully high in order to wrap both man and ball at the same time, slowing the attack down and on occasion stripping the actual ball for his team.

However, this technique has also led to Sexton receiving more than his fair share of head injuries, which surely prompts the question as to whether or not he needs to change his technique in order to prolong his already distinguished career.

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Video analysis suggests Jonathan Sexton needs to rethink his tackle technique
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