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James Haskell's instagram film cameos


Somebody has been putting James Haskell into their favourite films, and he loves it...

It is safe to say that James Haskell has quite the persona on social media. With over 200k+ followers on his Instagram page and 100k+ followers on Facebook, the Northampton back-row can command quite an audience on many platforms.

His ultra-masculine personality, coupled with the cult-like figure that he has created online, means that there is plenty of scope for characters online to poke some light-hearted fun at the England international.

One page to do this is @angry_bunny_creations on Instagram, who have managed to place James Haskell’s face into some of the top films in the industry.

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We will take a look at some of the most popular posts that @Angry_bunny_creations have made about the England star.

The Expendables 

Not the most convincing image in this list, but no doubt Haskell would have loved his role in this blockbuster classic. The 33-year-old was so pleased with the photoshop that he even featured it on his own Instagram account.

This is what I am doing next year! #hollywood @angry_bunny_creations

A post shared by James Haskell (@jameshask) on

 Mad Max

Haskell takes on the character of Max Rockatansky in this apocalyptic 2015 classic. This is one of the stronger photoshops in this collection and we are sure that people who hadn’t heard of rugby star, or the film may have fallen for this one…


Probably the most impressive edit of the collection. Haskell in this image replaces Brad Pitt in the gritty 2014 war film Fury.

The Hobbit

The former-Wasps star takes on a more mystical tone here, playing the grey-haired wizard that is Gandalf.


The swords and sandals classic is the most recent victims of Angry Bunny’s photoshop work here. Haskell in this image is imitating Oscar winner Russell Crowe in the the 2000 hit film.

21 Jump Street

Probably the most realistic edit to be included in this selection.


If you enjoyed these images and would be interested in seeing more that are similar, be sure to check out @Angry_bunny_creations on their instagram platform. If not then you can always find them on their Facebook page as well.

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Somebody has been putting James Haskell into their favourite films, and he loves it...