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Mike Brown defends his actions


England's Mike Brown defends himself after telling spectator to 'shut up'

England winger Mike Brown has defended his actions after telling a supporter to ‘shut up’ after the Bloemfontein test, explaining he is ‘human’ and not a robot following the loss.

He was accosted by a fan following the game in regards to his own personal performance.

“I had a ‘supporter’ leaning over and saying in certain ways that I wasn’t trying hard enough,” he said.

“I just told him to shut up and walked off. That was it.

“He was an England supporter. He had a flag and kit — the full gear. I was very happy with my reaction. I’m not a robot, I’m a human being. I told him to shut up — like I would tell anyone if they said something like that.

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Brown took offense to the claim by the spectator that he doesn’t give 100 percent during games for England, questioning his commitment.

“At the end of the day, he can say he doesn’t like me as a player and he doesn’t think I can do this, that or the other. That’s fine. That’s his opinion. But don’t ever say I’m not trying because people can see how much I put in on the field. I just think it’s rude and way off the mark.

He explained that the abuse he receives has led to him leaving social media, deciding to remove himself from Twitter.

“Even if I make mistakes or don’t play very well, there’s never a game in my career where I haven’t put 100 per cent effort in. I’ve got 71 caps and name a time when I haven’t put 100 per cent effort in. It’s the same for my team-mates. Look at last weekend — it’s probably over-trying that’s our problem rather than under-trying.

“You can see how much it means to me and the others to play for England. So I can’t understand someone swearing and saying I don’t put effort in. I don’t use Twitter any more for that reason because it’s not really feedback — it’s abuse.”

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England's Mike Brown defends himself after telling spectator to 'shut up'