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Otago wing plays without testicle


You're nuts! Otago winger plays on with smashed testicle

Move over Buck Shelford, Otago winger Jona Nareki is here to join you in the ‘tough club’ after playing the final two minutes in yesterday’s Shield match with a busted nut.

Head coach Ben Herring told Newshub that he suffered a ‘smashed testicle’.

“He came off, but when there were injuries in the game, he had to come back on with his smashed testicle, which was operated on this morning,” he said.

“If you know Jona, he’s a particularly buoyant fella, but the comment was, ‘don’t worry mate, it’s just a small operation’,” Herring added.

The effort will be remembered in folklore after Otago came away with the Ranfurly Shield for the first time since 2014.

They raced out to a 17-0 lead on the back of three quick tries before Waikato fought back. A late penalty to first five Josh Ioane kept Otago ahead at 23-19 which is how the game finished.

“It is I guess the old cliché, we had to come in and attack and we did,” said Otago skipper Michael Collins after the game. “And then we closed it off at the end to sneak away with a win so yeah I’m so proud.”


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You're nuts! Otago winger plays on with smashed testicle
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