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The Season Episode 5


The Season with Hamilton Boys High School - Episode 5

Produced by Onion TV in partnership with RugbyPass and in association with Hamilton Boys High School, The Season brings you five episodes of award-winning documentary making inside one of the world’s leading rugby nurseries.

A single kick ends up being the difference between a successful season or a failed campaign and Hamilton hearts are tested in the Tauranga rain. Luke White reflects on his high school rugby career as the sun slowly sets on his final Super 8 tournament. And traditional rivals Hastings Boys High School come to town in preparation for the competition’s Grand Final, in which manager Barbara Clark keeps a calm and steady influence during the tense finale. Hamilton are wary of Hasting’s reputation of excelling on the Super 8 stage and must resist the onslaught on their home turf.

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The Season with Hamilton Boys High School - Episode 5