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Dupont slammed for comments after World Cup exit

By Rugby365
(Photo by Paul Harding/Getty Images)

Joel Jutge, World Rugby’s head of match officials, has slammed France captain Antoine Dupont for the remarks he made following his team’s exit from the World Cup.


Following France’s 28-29 loss at the hands of the Springboks in the quarterfinals of the World Cup, the French captain used the post-match press conference to complain about the quality of the officiating on the day.

Jutge has now hit out at the Les Bleus scrumhalf for the remarks he made in an interview with French publication Midi Olympique.

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Red Roses Head Coach: John Mitchell excited for RWC 2025

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Red Roses Head Coach: John Mitchell excited for RWC 2025

Jutge specified that he does not condone Dupont’s comments, however the former international referee aims to counter the various “movements of abuse and threats” against match officials caused by these declarations.

At the post-match press conference, Dupont said: “There are clear and obvious situations which have not been whistled but I don’t want to get angry… I’m not sure that the refereeing was up to the level of the challenge”.

In an interview granted exclusively to Midi Olympique, the boss of the men with the whistle explains why the content of the Toulouse player’s comments could have a negative impact: “As responsible for the referees, I cannot endorse what Antoine Dupont said, because it gave rise to a terrible wave of abuse and hatred online towards Ben (O’Keeffe).

“But I know the man, and I have no doubt about his moral values and the way he perceives the exchanges between referees and players. He is a huge champion and a good person whom we respect, but I repeat, I do not condone what he said that day. We all know that he was under enormous pressure to return following his injury.”


Jutge, as the boss of referees, also calls for protecting the profession from the various abuses that can impact match officials and reveals that he is worried about the physical safety of the officials.

“I had anticipated that if France were eliminated in the quarter-finals, it would be difficult for us, because of the emotion it would arouse.

“To be honest, I had thought that it would perhaps be necessary to to be able to physically protect our referees, because I felt a drift coming, with this very strong enthusiasm behind the XV of France.

“It was not necessary because the security at the Stade de France works very well But we must not hide that the days following the quarter-final were difficult.”




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Red and White Dynamight 188 days ago

French referees have significantly contributed to some of the worst rugby officials ever. Of more recent times Garces, Poite, Raynal - always refereeing to their own rule book; strict application 1 minute, complete disregard the next. Random unexplainable decisions by French referees filled match highlight reels, closer to watching a sitcom with canned laughter. Raynal in the Bledisloe Cup, clown.

S 190 days ago

Storm in a teacup. In context of Rassie & co’s shenanigans, this is just not worth the time focusing on.

Peter 191 days ago

DuPont's comments are very mild when compared to what would have happened if SA lost. Rassie would have had another major melt down and made another movie length video of himself moaning and groaning. The referees made sure that was avoided at all costs.

Pecos 191 days ago

Dupont = crybaby.

GrandDisse 191 days ago

Jutge: “But I know the man, and I have no doubt about his moral values and the way he perceives the exchanges between referees and players. He is a huge champion and a good person whom we respect, but I repeat, I do not condone what he said that day.”

Rugbypass: “Dupont slammed for comments”

Thomas 191 days ago

And rightfully so. He was being a stereotypical French sore loser. When they’re winning, it’s because how great they are, when they’re losing, it’s the ref’s fault. Give me a break, crybaby. There are no words for how embarrassing this chauvinistic nonsense is.
The notion, that a ref would whistle against the French in France is so ridiculously absurd, I can’t wrap my head around it.

So no, Antoine. You lost, because you got outworked by a team, that wanted it more, was less entitled, and didn’t moan as much.

When your conversion gets charged down by the shortest player on the field, when you miss multiple penalties, when you shank a kick for touch so badly, that you lose territory instead of gaining it, when you’re treading water in the defense so much, that the only players you can scramble to get close to the opposition team’s biggest juggernaught carrying 5m away from your line is two backs, you simply don’t deserve to win, and there is zero blame anywhere else, but in the mirror.

mjp89 192 days ago

Thought at the time he was being an extremely sore loser and some sort of punishment was needed.

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Jon 5 hours ago
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> it was apparent Robertson was worried about his lack of experience at half-back, hence the decision to start veteran TJ Perenara and put Finlay Christie, the next most experienced number nine, on the bench. I don’t think it was this at all. It was a general scope he was putting over all the playerbase, he went with this cohesion factor in every position. > If the main priority is to build different tactical elements to the gameplan, then Ratima is the man in whom Robertson needs to trust and promote. This also I think is antagonist towards the reference game plans. The other plans do not need the speed of which Perenara (atleast) can’t provide, and I think personal is going to be the main point of difference between these games/opponents. That is the aspect of which I think most people will struggle to grasp, a horses for course selection policy over the typical ‘Top All Black 15’. That best 15 group of players is going to have to get broken down into categories. So it test one we saw Christie control the game to nullify the English threats out of existence and grind to a win. In test two we saw Ratima need to come on which dictated that this time they would run them off their feet with speed and the space did open up and the victory did come. Horses for courses. The same concepts are going to exist for every group, front row, lock and loose forward balance, midfield, and outside backs all can have positional changes that the players may be asked to accentualize on and develop. There might be some that _it_ will not ever click for, but they’ll hopefully still be getting to enjoy unbelievable comeback victories and late game shutouts to close it down. Knowing does not mean not enjoying.

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