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Racing fans slam Lorenzetti's comment


Racing fans have seriously got the hump with Lorenzetti following their European quarter-final exit

Racing 92 supporters have got the hump with Jacky Lorenzetti after the president criticised the level of support given to the team during last Sunday’s dramatic European exit to French rivals Toulouse. 

The Parisians were beaten by a point in a classic European Cup quarter-final that took place in front of a 26,092 attendance at the La Défense Arena.

Visiting Toulouse supporters generated a noisy racket in the indoor stadium as their 14-man team fought to hang on to its lead following the first-half red-carding of out-half Zack Holmes. 

Toulouse took the victory by 22-21 and the atmosphere that surrounded it left Lorenzetti calling on the Racing crowd to be “more supportive” of their side in future. 

Speaking to French newspaper L’Equipe on Monday, he said: “Our fans love the club, but it would take a little more madness.”

His comment caused discontent on social media networks, Racing fans expressing their disappointment that they had been negatively described by the club’s owner.

The president of Génération Yves-du-Manoir, the most important supporters’ association, has called on Lorenzetti to retract his remarks, while other fans were more virulent. Several messages denounced a “lack of respect”, when another accused Lorenzetti of “spitting” on his supporters.

Toulouse’s Sebastien Bezy poses with fans following their Heineken Champions Cup quarter-final win over Racing 92 at La Defense Arena (Photo by Dan Mullan/Getty Images)

Racing have traditionally been a club mocked in France for its limited level of support. Having operated for years out of the run-down 1924 Olympic Stadium at Colombes, the club is now in its second season in its new indoor arena and is trying to grow its average attendance. 

Regular supporters, though, believe Lorenzetti’s post-match criticism is the final straw in their uneasy relationship. A meeting is planned next week between Lorenzetti and a group of supporters to appease these latest tensions.

Last Sunday’s 26,000-plus attendance was considerably higher than what Racing had attracted for their home European pool matches. Their respective attendances versus Ulster, Leicester and Scarlets were 13,168, 16,538 and 14,418. 

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Racing fans have seriously got the hump with Lorenzetti following their European quarter-final exit
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