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Michael Aylwin Michael Aylwin has been writing about rugby since the turn of the 20th century, most notably as a correspondent for The Observer and Guardian Group. His book Unholy Union is an in-depth study of rugby in the 21st century, while his novel Ivon is a satire on rugby in the 22nd. Apart from that, his work transcends the arbitrary units of time and space

Michael Aylwin

A sad farewell to the Bard of Monmouth

The passing of Eddie Butler has shocked the rugby community, who will mourn his rich baritone, linguistic dexterity and most impor…

Michael Aylwin

Six Nations: The Dublin debacle that cannot be repeated

Casual rugby fans were left befuddled as Italy were reduced to 13-men and rugby aficionados were left scrambling for the rule book…

Michael Aylwin

Concussion controversy raises serious questions

The Luke Cowan-Dickie case illustrates rugby's grave and nebulous concussion peril.

Michael Aylwin

Pull down the shutters

A Premiership closed shop shouldn't anger rugby fans like it has in football

Michael Aylwin

The final whistle?

Calls for Eddie Jones to be sacked are growing so someone had to defend the England coach

Michael Aylwin

Soft in the head

Fans debating red cards and the 'hardness' of players can't see the bigger picture

Michael Aylwin

The Times They Are-a-Changin'

Some 150 years since the RFU's inception, professional rugby finds itself amid a sea of icebergs, any one of which might bring it …

Michael Aylwin

Collision course

Rugby’s tragic flaw is that the more players improve, the more dangerous they are to one another.

Michael Aylwin

Careful what you wish for

Rather than implement change for the sake of it, rugby's lawmakers must remain true to the game’s soul.

Michael Aylwin

Closing time

English rugby needs to make sobering call for last orders on promotion and relegation

Michael Aylwin

A case of misplaced nostalgia

Is the unpalatable truth that rugby in days of yore was boorish and bedraggled?