Le Japon sécurise sa place pour Angleterre 2025

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Japan qualified RWC2025

Le Japon est devenu la huitième équipe à se qualifier pour la Coupe du Monde de Rugby Féminin 2025 en écrasant le Kazakhstan 64-0 lors de l’Asia Rugby Women’s Championship 2024 à Hongkong.


Le XV de Sakura, qui a commencé sa défense de titre en battant Hongkong China mercredi 22 mai, a planté 10 essais lors d’une performance ultra dominante au King’s Park Sports Ground, s’adjugeant ainsi une sixième couronne asiatique.

Grâce à cette victoire, le Japon décroche à la fois son billet pour le WXV 2 2024 en Afrique du Sud mais aussi pour la Coupe du Monde en Angleterre en 2025, rejoignant les Red Roses, la Nouvelle-Zélande, la France, le Canada, l’Irlande, l’Afrique du Sud et les États-Unis pour le tournoi majeur de l’année prochaine.

Le Asia Rugby Women’s Championship se conclura samedi 1er juin avec le match entre Hongkong China et le Kazakhstan (coup d’envoi à 18h30 heure locale). Le gagnant de ce match se qualifiera pour le WXV 3 à Dubaï en tant que vice-champion, gardant ainsi l’espoir de rejoindre le Japon à la Coupe du Monde de Rugby Féminin 2025.

La Coupe du Monde de Rugby Féminin 2025 arrive en Angleterre. Inscrivez-vous ici pour être le premier à recevoir des informations sur la billetterie.


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Turlough 1 hours ago
'Let them keep talking' - Mike Catt claps back over Bok remarks

“You want that – not hatred – but whatever it is that stirs it all up. It’s good.” Agree with this. If you can put a common motivating idea in all your players heads during a game it can produce a real Team perfromance. Erasmus is pretty expert at this. It is quite clear that the comments by Etzebeth, Allende and others were not coincidence and were actioned to create animoisty before the series in order to galvanise the South African mind set. While I understand it, I don’t like it. They result in unnessary vitriol between supporters and for what? I don’t think any of the SA players seriously believe any of these claims and with Ireland ignoring them Erasmus won’t get the escalation he seeks. The vitriol shown by some SA and indeed NZ supporters is extremely weird for NH supporters (OK, maybe England have felt it) but it just feels very odd over a sport. Ireland were more or less sh1t for the first 100 years of their rugby, they have improved significantly in the last 25 to be in a position around now (it may not last) to go into a match with the big guns with a real shot of winning. The reaction to this from some SH supporters has been bizarre with conspiracy theories of ‘Arrogance’ fueling abuse from supporters and even NZ players to Irish crowds during the world cup. I love International rugby and the comraderie between supporters. I genuinely dread and dislike the atmosphere around games with the southern giants. They take this very personally. NH teams: play them, try and beat them, enjoy the craic with their players and supporters and wish them well. SH teams wish them well and they call you arrogant in the press months later. Its just a matter of try and beat them and then good riddance til the next time.

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