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WXV 2 treated fans to yet more exhilarating action as the teams moved from Stellenbosch to Cape Town for the second round of the i…

Imogen Ainsworth
Imogen Ainsworth
25 Oct 2023, 8:33

Les adversaires du Tournoi des Six Nations féminin ne sont séparées que par la seule différence de points en tête du classeme…

21 Oct 2023, 8:43

Scotland beat the United States 24-14 in Cape Town to make it two wins from two WXV2 games.

20 Oct 2023, 10:48

WXV 2 kicked off in spectacular fashion in South Africa last Friday. Against Scotland, a bone-rattling tackle from Libbie Janse va…

Imogen Ainsworth
Imogen Ainsworth
19 Oct 2023, 14:05

En remportant à Parme la première victoire de leur histoire sur l’Italie, mieux classée, les Sakura 15 sont passées devant l…

Kim Ekin
02 Oct 2023, 9:15

Both Wales and Scotland recorded wins over the USA and Spain respectively ahead of the inaugural WXV competition which starts on 1…

Lucy Lomax
02 Oct 2023, 5:45

L'Afrique du Sud, l'Italie, le Japon, les Samoa, l'Écosse et les États-Unis ont communiqué la composition de leur équipe de 30…

Willy Billiard
30 Sep 2023, 9:28

Suite à l'annonce de la liste des 30 joueuses de l'Écosse pour le WXV 2, on en sait un peu plus sur Demi Swann, Fiona McIntosh e…

Kim Ekin
19 Sep 2023, 11:13

Giant former England international Matt Banahan has been confirmed as the new attack coach of Scotland Women by the SRU.

Ian Cameron
21 Aug 2023, 11:41

One may assume the best fixtures will be New Zealand vs England; Wales vs Australia; even Canada vs France. But once you stop and …

Will Owen
15 Aug 2023, 7:54

Super Saturday saw three record crowds in attendance, which deserves headlines in itself; but in terms of the rugby, who were the …

Will Owen
02 May 2023, 5:49

Defeat at Murrayfield, the final game of the tournament, means Ireland finish bottom with Scotland fourth.

29 Apr 2023, 17:47

Last weekend’s Six Nations action managed to showcase some superb athletes and a few highly entertaining flashes, but not a sing…

Claire Thomas
19 Apr 2023, 5:15