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Leaguel Counsel Episode 17

Leaguel Counsel Episode 17

This week the guys touch on the poor standard of the 2017 NRL, the even worse standard of refereeing, bad rugby league tattoos, the only two teams that can win it all and bad player behaviour.

Round 20 came and went like many other but fans must be getting to the end of their wick with the constant refereeing standard that continues to be a cancer on the game. It’s not like the game is complicated…I mean that’s what we like about it right?

It seems since the retirement of Hollywood Harrigan, Greg McCallum, Tim Mander and, dare I say it – Shayne Hayne, the game has had a revolving door of shockers who’s blundering of the simplest rule book in town is as embarrassing as a Joel Monaghan selfie gone wrong.

Here goes three simple fixes the game could make to regain some trust:

  1. Actually use the red card. What does one have to do to be sent off these days? The Soliola hit on Billy Slater on Saturday night although clearly an accident should have resulted in red, as a compromise why not just send a player off for an extreme act and allow the team to replace him. This means the team in question would be down to 16 players which would be punishment enough.
  2. Police the voluntary tackle. If a rule is in the rule book, then use it! It would bring back an extra element of physicality for defensive player stuck in their own 5 too.
  3. Free the Quick Tap! Refs these days just don’t give anyone a chance to take advantage of a quick tap (some would say they are protecting their fitness levels) but this could really open up the game and ensure that teams don’t just get an extra rest for infringing.

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Leaguel Counsel is a free flowing podcast largely covering all things Rugby League and occasionally touching on innocuous everyday stuff.

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Leaguel Counsel Episode 17