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Super Rugby
Saturday 14 April 2018, 1:15am EDT

Rebels v Jaguares

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Key Events

  • FT
  • ConversionNicolas Sanchez
  • TRY!Bautista Ezcurra
  • Penalty GoalJack Debreczeni
  • TRY!Ramiro Moyano
  • Yellow CardTetera Faulkner
  • ConversionNicolas Sanchez
  • TRY!Sebastian Cancelliere
  • TRY!Dane Haylett-Petty
  • Penalty GoalNicolas Sanchez
  • HT
  • ConversionJack Debreczeni
  • TRY!Marika Koroibete
  • ConversionJack Debreczeni
  • TRY!Bill Meakes
  • Penalty GoalNicolas Sanchez
  • KO


Match Stats
Player Stats
Defenders beaten
Clean breaks
Turnovers conceded
Turnovers won
Missed tackles
Rebels T C P
15 Dane Haylett-Petty 1 0 0
14 Jack Maddocks 0 0 0
13 Tom English 0 0 0
12 Bill Meakes 1 0 0
11 Marika Koroibete 1 0 0
10 Jack Debreczeni 0 2 1
9 Will Genia 0 0 0
1 Tetera Faulkner 0 0 0
2 Anaru Rangi 0 0 0
3 Sam Talakai 0 0 0
4 Geoff Parling 0 0 0
5 Adam Coleman 0 0 0
6 Ross Haylett-Petty 0 0 0
7 Richard Hardwick 0 0 0
8 Amanaki Mafi 0 0 0
16 Jordan Uelese 0 0 0
17 Ben Daley 0 0 0
18 Jermaine Ainsley 0 0 0
19 Matt Philip 0 0 0
20 Colby Fainga'a 0 0 0
21 Lopeti Timani 0 0 0
22 Michael Ruru 0 0 0
23 Sefanaia Naivalu 0 0 0
Jaguares T C P
15 Emiliano Boffelli 0 0 0
14 Ramiro Moyano 1 0 0
13 Matias Orlando 0 0 0
12 Jeronimo De La Fuente 0 0 0
11 Sebastian Cancelliere 1 0 0
10 Nicolas Sanchez 0 2 2
9 Martin Landajo 0 0 0
1 Santiago Garcia Botta 0 0 0
2 Julian Montoya 0 0 0
3 Nahuel Tetaz Chaparro 0 0 0
4 Guido Petti Pagadizaval 0 0 0
5 Tomas Lavanini 0 0 0
6 Pablo Matera 0 0 0
7 Marcos Kremer 0 0 0
8 Javier Ortega Desio 0 0 0
16 Agustin Creevy 0 0 0
17 Javier Manuel Diaz 0 0 0
18 Juan Pablo Zeiss 0 0 0
19 Matias Alemanno 0 0 0
20 Leonardo Senatore 0 0 0
21 Gonzalo Bertranou 0 0 0
22 Bautista Ezcurra 1 0 0
23 Joaquin Tuculet 0 0 0


Super Rugby

8 Rebels 43 36
7 Jaguares 53 38
Live Blog
Match Feed
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  • Down by 11 at the break, yet win by three; what a comeback win for the Jaguares. They pick up their first win on the road in 2018 and in some fashion, with a late victory and a monumental spell of defence against the Rebels in Melbourne. Three late tries - including a great score for Moyona - ensure they keep a perfect record against their Victorian opposition; at full-time, it finishes Rebels 22-25 Jaguares. Thank you for joining us - and have a good weekend!
  • The Rebels go left - and the ball comes loose in the tackle! It looks like a steal - but the referee blows for full-time! The Jaguares have won a dramatic encounter in Melbourne!
  • They're going all in! The Rebels signal for the attacking scrum, 20 yards out from the Jaguares line. The visitors collapse the first effort; the hosts will take a second.
  • Penalty advantage to the Rebels! They try an advantage play with a crossfield kick for Koroibete that doesn't come up - but after 35 phases, they have the choice to either go for goal from bang in front or to go for the powerplay and the victory try.
  • Koroibete is almost off again, this time on the 22nd phase, just managing to keep himself in the field of play. What a grandstand finish this is.
  • The Rebels make a strong maul and go wide to the left where Koroibete is almost away down the wing, trapped on the 12th phase. It's a herculean effort in defence from the Jaguares now, clinging on for dear life as they are forced back.
  • Out on the full from Sanchez! For the second time tonight, the Jaguares man puts his kick downfield over the touchline without a bounce. The Rebels will get the ball just inside the opposition half on the openside. Three left on the clock.
  • Conversion
    CONVERSION: Rebels 22-25 Jaguares. It's a beauty from Sanchez and the Jaguares have a three-point lead going into the final minutes. Do the Rebels have a get-out-of-jail card in their deck?
  • Try
    TRY: Rebels 22-23 Jaguares. Ezcurra is in at the left! The Jaguares are ahead for the first time since the 10th minute as they shuffle it wide to the left at speed and Sanchez finds the substitute who goes in at the corner.
  • Sanchez spills on the eighth phase and the Rebels survive for the moment - until Senatore charges down an attempted clearing kick! The Jaguares are right on the try-line again!
  • The Rebels force the turnover once more and clear to halfway, as the Jaguares come again. Moyona almost cuts open the defence again; the winger is brought down 22 yards out.
  • Creevy - on off the bench - lays up a strong run for the Jaguares and suddenly they find themselves camped back close to the Rebels line.
  • Pats on the back all round for the hosts; the Rebels force the maul collapse after the Jaguares collect their line-out and earn a turnover scrum.
  • Moyona is almost away down the left wing again, but has the ball knocked out of his gasp as he cuts inside. The visitors will get the attacking line-out though; the danger is not yet over for the Rebels.
  • Penalty Goal
    PENALTY: Rebels 22-18 Jaguares. Debreczeni makes no mistake from the blindside this time as he gets a second chance to go to goal thanks to some discipline issues with the Jaguares. He adds the three - and makes this a four-point ball game.
  • Off the post for the Rebels! The Jaguares collect the ball and clear it as far as they can after it strikes the left upright.
  • The Rebels come up with a penalty instead though and opt to go for goal after the Jaguares fail to execute an attempted turnover at the breakdown.
  • An attacking scrum for the Rebels now off the back of a penalty against the Jaguares and they advance to the opposition 22-yard mark within seven phases. Is this perhaps drop goal territory?
  • Sanchez has the kick to give the visitors the lead - and he just hooks it wide to the left by a matter of inches. 19-18 to the Rebels it remains.
  • Try
    TRY: Rebels 19-18 Jaguares. What an effort from Moyano! Crunched by three Rebels tacklers on the left wing, the Jaguares man somehow manages to crash through and over them to get in at the corner.
  • Yellow Card
    Penalty to the Jaguares now as the Rebels come into the maul from the side and the hosts have a massive few minutes coming up on their try-line. Faulkner is given a yellow card for his efforts involved and the visitors have a man advantage.
  • Cancelliere grubbers down the right wing now and chases his own attempt, which the Rebels put out; an attacking line-out for the Jaguares 10 yards out beckons.
  • Conversion
    CONVERSION: Rebels 19-13 Jaguares. Sanchez taps over the extras at speed from bang in front and now the Rebels lead by less than a converted score.
  • Try
    TRY: Rebels 19-11 Jaguares. Or are they? The Jaguares strike straight back from the restart, playing it short and then flinging fast hands to the right for Cancelliere who catches them napping in defence. The visitors are right back in the thick of this game.
  • No luck with the kick this time, so the lead is only 13 - but the Rebels are in complete control in Melbourne.
  • Try
    TRY: Rebels 19-6 Jaguares. Has that slick score won it for the Rebels? Meakes and Genia combine for the wrap-around, heading across from left to right where, despite the attempt of an interception, Dale Haylett-Petty takes the last pass to dot down. 
  • Sanchez gets a free-kick for an offside tackle but Rebels defuse its danger in midfield and then earn an attacking scrum after Matera drops a sitter of a pass on his own 22-yard mark following a return box kick.
  • Almost for Maddocks! The winger collects the short, towering Rebels restart on the right wing - and in coming back to earth, stumbles out into touch. Close for the hosts.
  • Penalty Goal
    PENALTY: Rebels 14-6 Jaguares. The visitors get a penalty out on their openside as the Rebels hold on in the tackle and Sanchez goes for goal, adding the three points and narrowing the gap to eight.
  • Play resumes after a stoppage and the Jaguares earn a quick-tap penalty following Mafi going over the top. They run it through Sanchez - and he knocks on in the tackle according to the officials, though he protests strongly. The Rebels get out of jail on their five-yard line.
  • We're back underway in Melbourne and an absolutely huge hit between Hardwick and Boffelli leaves the former absolutely sprawling after they clash heads.
  • The Jaguares looked to be in the driving seat during the opening exchanges, piling the pressure on their hosts - but it is the Rebels who take a comfortable lead into the break, after they outgunned their opposition with practiced ease. Tries for Meakes and Koroibete seperate the two; at half-time, it's Rebels 14-3 Jaguares.
  • Sanchez puts a lovely ball out through the gap for Orlando who goes fiifty yards to give the Jaguares a chance of a late score, only for Cancelliere to fumble De La Fuente's sixth-phase pass to end the half.
  • Mafi makes another absolute barnstormer of a run from the scrum, going down the right wing to halfway before he strays too close to the edge and is forced over. Good defensive work from the Jaguares though time is running out in this opening 40 to narrow the gap.
  • Back-to-back penalties give an attacking line-out to the Jaguares on their blindside flank, but tensions boil over as Coleman and Kremmer come to blows whilst jostling for position. The referee seperates the pair and the Rebels come up with the scrum from the fracas.
  • Mafi sets off like a shot from the play and almost breaks the Jaguares line with a barnstorming run; then he fails to release in the tackle and the Rebels concede a penalty in their attacking position to take the pressure off the visitors.
  • Great defence from the Rebels sees them check the progress of a fast-moving Cancelliere heading down the openside wing and dump him into touch to earn a line-out.
  • A miss from Sanchez as he hooks it wide to the left - and from the restart, his returning box kick goes out on the full. The Rebels will be pleased with that result.
  • The heavens have opened in Melbourne all of a sudden and the rain is coming down in sheets as the Jaguares are awarded a penalty for the Rebels coming over in the tackle. The visitors opt to go for goal through Sanchez.
  • Excellent work from the Rebels as they force the Jaguares to concede at their own scrum for failing to strike the ball and the hosts then get a second as the defence fails to release English following a quick-tap break out to the 20-yard mark.
  • Great individual play from Sanchez for the Jaguares as the half-back chips over the defensive line and follows it through; Dane Haylett-Petty grounds in-goal under pressure and it will be a five-yard scrum to the visitors.
  • Jaguares get a penalty for not releasing - which from the line-out, Dane Haylett-Petty immediately pinches and Rebels put a box kick on to take pressure off their 20-yard line.
  • The Rebels force a knock-on from the Jaguares at the breakdown as the visitors come down the blindside and the pair begin exchanging box kicks as they jockey for field position.
  • Conversion
    CONVERSION: Rebels 14-3 Jaguares. Debreczeni adds the extras from out wide once more and the Rebels extend their lead to 11.
  • Try
    TRY; Rebels 12-3 Jaguares. No stopping him this time! With another penalty advantage in the bank, the Rebels make exactly the same play and the Jaguares fail to come across fast enough to cover the corner; Koroibete sweeps in with ease for the second try of the game.
  • Koroibete is almost in at the left wing again, bundled into touch on the back of fast hands - but Jaguares find themselves under pressure still as they concede a penalty for a failure to join the maul correctly.
  • Rebels win a penalty at the line-out and try a long crossfield kick for Koroibete on the blindside on their advantage play; the ball bounces away from the winger and the referee brings them back for the offence.
  • An exchange of box kicks from the restart gives the Rebels an eventual penalty; though the Jaguares filch the line-out just inside their own half, they immediately give the ball away at the breakdown too.
  • Conversion
    CONVERSION: Rebels 7-3 Jaguares. Debreczeni curls in a beauty of a kick from the left wing and the Rebels extend their lead to four.
  • Try
    TRY: Rebels 5-3 Jaguares. The hosts strike back with their first proper attack of the game! The Jaguares clear to halfway where the Rebels get the line-out - and from the maul, Genia cuts through five attempted tackles before offloading to Meakes to put the centre in at the left corner. 
  • From the restart, the Rebels opt for the powerplay and work it well; Meakes' little dink out to the left wing for Marika Koroibete pins the Jaguares on their own 10-yard mark for a defensive line-out.
  • Penalty Goal
    PENALTY: Rebels 0-3 Jaguares. Rebels concede a penalty again, 25 yards out on the right and this time the visitors go for goal, Sanchez giving them a slim lead.
  • Again, the Jaguares go down the right channel, and from a line-out ten yards out after a defensive mishap, create a rolling maul; one that subsequently collapses in favour of the Rebels and Hardwick clears again to halfway, this time on the blindside.
  • A let-off for the Rebels, as they steal the line-out and spread it wide to their own right flank, where Maddocks is able to leather the ball to just shy of halfway for a line-out in less stressful territory.
  • Fast work from the visitors, who beak through Matias Orlando, and the Jaguares earn an attacking line-out five yards away on the right. The Rebels come over the top in the breakdown and give away a dangerous penalty.
  • We're underway in Melbourne! The Jaguares earn an early line-out from the Rebels kick-off, but Sanchez's little chip over the defence only goes to Meakes and the two sides exchange clearing kicks.
  • Teams are out and we're moments away from kick-off.
  • Replacements: Agustin Creevy, Javier Manuel Diaz, Juan Pablo Zeiss, Matias Alemanno, Leonardo Senatore, Gonzalo Bertranou, Bautista Ezcurra, Joaquin Tuculet
  • Jaguares XV: Emiliano Boffelli, Ramiro Moyano, Matias Orlando, Jeronimo De La Fuente, Sebastian Cancelliere, Nicolas Sanchez, Martin Landajo; Santiago Garcia Botta, Julian Montoya, Nahuel Tetaz Chaparro, Guido Petti Pagadizaval, Tomas Lavanini, Pablo Matera (c), Marcos Kremmer, Javier Ortega Desio
  • Replacements: Jordan Uelese, Ben Daley, Jermaine Ainsley, Matt Philip, Colby Fainga’a, Lopeti Timani, Michael Ruru, Sefa Naivalu
  • Rebels XV: Dane Haylett-Petty, Jack Maddocks, Tom English, Billy Meakes, Marika Koroibete, Jack Debreczeni, Will Genia; Tetera Faulkner, Anaru Rangi, Sam Talakai, Geoff Parling, Adam Coleman, Ross Haylett-Petty, Richard Hardwick, Amanaki Mafi
  • As for the Jaguares, the biggest switch is Julian Montoya taking the number two shirt ahead of Agustin Creevy in the XV, with the veteran relegated to the bench. Elsewhere, Guido Petti replaces Matias Alemanno in the second-row and Martin Landajo, Sebastian Cancelliere and Ramiro Moyano are all handed starts.
  • Team news now and Richard Hardwick and Sam Talakai make their first Rebels starts, with five changes to the XV. Brothers Dane and Ross Haylett-Petty also come into the team, alongside lock Geoff Parling; Jermaine Ainsley, Matt Philip and Lopeti Timani all are named on the bench.
  • As previously mentioned however, the Rebels are enjoying a good start to the season for the most part, sitting atop the Australian conference with 20 points after seven rounds. They did however suffer a 50-19 hammering against the Hurricanes in their last game, in week six, and arrive back in Melbourne after a bye and a fortnight off looking to return to winning ways.
  • It’s been a tough start to the year for the Jaguares; they’ve played seven matches so far, but have only won two, both of them in their own backyard. They will take hope however from their previous victory against the Rebels; the pair met for the first and only time so far in Victoria last July, when the hosts were edged out in a 29-32 thriller.
  • Hello and welcome to live coverage of Super Rugby 2018, as the Rebels host the Jaguares at the Melbourne Rectangular Stadium. The visitors are looking for their first victory of the season away from home turf in Argentina; can they spring a win on the road against a side who sit top of the Australian conference? Kick-off is on the way.

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