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Super Rugby
Saturday 03 March 2018, 4:40pm EST

Jaguares v Hurricanes

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Key Events

  • FT
  • TRY!Blade Thomson
  • Penalty GoalJackson Garden-Bachop
  • ConversionBeauden Barrett
  • TRY!Vince Aso
  • Yellow CardBen May
  • ConversionBeauden Barrett
  • TRY!Matt Proctor
  • Penalty GoalNicolas Sanchez
  • Penalty GoalNicolas Sanchez
  • HT
  • TRY!Ngani Laumape
  • Penalty GoalNicolas Sanchez
  • ConversionBeauden Barrett
  • TRY!Ben Lam
  • KO


Match Stats
Player Stats
Defenders beaten
Clean breaks
Turnovers conceded
Turnovers won
Missed tackles
Jaguares T C P
15 Joaquin Tuculet 0 0 0
14 Bautista Delguy 0 0 0
13 Matias Orlando 0 0 0
12 Bautista Ezcurra 0 0 0
11 Emiliano Boffelli 0 0 0
10 Nicolas Sanchez 0 0 3
9 Gonzalo Bertranou 0 0 0
1 Felipe Arregui 0 0 0
2 Agustin Creevy 0 0 0
3 Nahuel Tetaz Chaparro 0 0 0
4 Marcos Kremer 0 0 0
5 Matias Alemanno 0 0 0
6 Pablo Matera 0 0 0
7 Javier Ortega Desio 0 0 0
8 Tomas Lezana 0 0 0
16 Julian Montoya 0 0 0
17 Javier Manuel Diaz 0 0 0
18 Juan Pablo Zeiss 0 0 0
19 Guido Petti Pagadizaval 0 0 0
20 Juan Manuel Leguizamon 0 0 0
21 Martin Landajo 0 0 0
22 Juan Martin Hernandez 0 0 0
23 Sebastian Cancelliere 0 0 0
Hurricanes T C P
15 Jordie Barrett 0 0 0
14 Julian Savea 0 0 0
13 Matt Proctor 1 0 0
12 Ngani Laumape 1 0 0
11 Ben Lam 1 0 0
10 Beauden Barrett 0 3 0
9 TJ Perenara 0 0 0
1 Chris Eves 0 0 0
2 Ricky Riccitelli 0 0 0
3 Ben May 0 0 0
4 Vaea Fifita 0 0 0
5 Sam Lousi 0 0 0
6 Brad Shields 0 0 0
7 Ardie Savea 0 0 0
8 Gareth Evans 0 0 0
16 James O'Reilly 0 0 0
17 Fraser Armstrong 0 0 0
18 Alex Fidow 0 0 0
19 Michael Fatialofa 0 0 0
20 Blade Thomson 1 0 0
21 Jamie Booth 0 0 0
22 Jackson Garden-Bachop 0 0 1
23 Vince Aso 1 0 0


Super Rugby

7 Jaguares 55 38
2 Hurricanes 60 51
Live Blog
Match Feed
Live is not available for this game.
  • FULL TIME - The final whistle blows and the Hurricanes celebrate as they have beaten the Jaguares 34-9 claiming their first win of the season and all 5 competition points whilst leaving the Jaguares to lick their wounds after suffering their third consecutive loss.
  • MISSED  CONVERSION HURRICANES - Garden-Bachop is off target as he slices his conversion attempt wide of the posts.
  • The Hurricanes secure the kickoff and immediately break down the left wing. Fifita makes a strong surge before flicking a super pass back o the inside to put Thomson over for a superb try to cap off a great second half performance from the visitors.
  • TRY HURRICANES! (Blade Thompson) 34-9 Hurricanes
  • Garden-Bachop is on target as he bangs over the 3 points to extend the visitors lead to 20 points.
  • Penalty Goal
    PENALTY GOAL HURRICANES (Jackson Garden-Bachop) 29-9 Hurricanes
  • An interesting decision from Shields as he opts to take 3 points leading by 17 points. Perhaps he just wants to run the clock down and conserve some energy for next weeks match.
  • The Jaguares leave the Hurricanes 22 empty handed again as Tuculet is penalised for holding on in the tackle. Superb desperation from the Hurricanes on defence and it looks as if they will keep the Jaguares tryless in this match.
  • The TMO is called in to rule on play for a second time as Armstrong is suspected of performing a neck-role at the breakdown.
  • The Hurricanes turn defence into attack as J.Savea pounces on a loose ball deep in his own 22.. He links with Perenara who finds Proctor and Proctor looks to put Aso away but his pass is dropped as Aso takes his eyes off the ball. The Jaguares clean up and play turn the other away.
  • A poor clearing kick from B.Barrett as he slices the ball into touch 22m from his own tryline. That will be his last action of the match as he is replaced by jackson garden-Bachop.
  • One dimensional play from the Jaguares as they try to rumble the ball over the tryline through their forwards. The Hurricanes defence is untroubled and eventually the Jaguares come up with an error.
  • The Jaguares have a rare attacking opportunity as Fatialofa is penalised for an illegal clean-out at the ruck. No point kicking for goal so Sanchez kicks to the corner and the home side will look to set a rolling maul.
  • B.Barrett adds a further 2 points for the visitors as he bangs over the conversion from close range. The visiotrs have a comfortable 17 point lead and will now go in search of a bonus point.
  • Conversion
    CONVERSION HURRICANES (Beauden Barrett) 26-9 Hurricanes
  • A heads up play from B.Barrett as he counters the Jaguares' rush defence by dabbing a grubber-kick in behind the front line. Aso and Proctor are the only players in the race to the ball and it is Aso who collects it to score next to the posts.
  • Try
    TRY HURRICANES (Vince Aso) 24-9 Hurricanes
  • A.Savea wins a penalty for the Hurricanes as Tetaz Chaparro is called for holding on at the breakdown. The prop disagrees with the call and replays show he has a case as there was no clear release from the tackler.
  • MISSED PENALTY GOAL HURRICANES - The 3 points goes begging as B.Barrett's long range attempt falls wide of the left hand upright.
  • Frustration for the home side as they are penalised at the breakdown which will allow B.Barrett to line up a penalty shot from 45m out in front. More importantly it runs crucial time off the clock with the Hurricanes still down to 14 men.
  • Aso tries to take the direct route in midfield but is met in a solid tackle by Orlando. The substitute isdriven backwards but manages to retain possession for the visitors.
  • MISSED PENALTY JAGUARES - Sanchez comes up with arguably the worst attempt of his career as his penalty shot doesn't even get above the height of the crossbar. That is one for the blooper reel.
  • Yellow Card
    YELLOW CARD HURRICANES (Ben May) - Ben May will spend 10 minutes in the sin bin as he is shown a yellow card for taking a player out off the ball.
  • There is a stoppage in play as the TMO is called in to have a look for foul play off the ball.
  • B.Barrett is back on target as he splits the posts from 10m to the right of the posts. He has now kicked 2 from 3 and his side open up a 10 point lead.
  • Conversion
    CONVERSION HURRICANES (Beauden Barrett) 19-9 Hurricanes
  • A blockbusting run down the right wing from J.Savea as he bumps past 4 defenders before linking on the inside with Perenara. Perenara has his attempted pass knocked backwards by Bertranou and a kind bounce allows Proctor to stroll over untouched.
  • Try
    TRY HURRICANES (Matt Proctor) 17-9 Hurricanes
  • The first couple of changes are being made as both coaches look to inject fresh legs into the contest. 
  • The crowd find their voice as the Hurricanes are penalised at the breakdown. Superb goal line defence from the Jaguares which will frustrate the Hurricanes as another attacking chance goes astray.
  • Great defence intially from the home side as they sack the rolling maul, however the Hurricanes are still in possession and are only a couple of metres short of the tryline.
  • A golden opportunity here for the Hurricanes as Riccatelli throws to an attacking 5m line-out. Fifita secures the ball and the visitors look for the rolling maul.
  • Sanchez narrows the gap to 3 points as he slots his third penalty goal from 25m out in front.
  • Penalty Goal
    PENALTY GOAL JAGUARES! (Nicolas Sanchez) 12-9 Hurricanes
  • A.Savea concedes a penalty as he is caught offside in midfield. Sanchez points straight to the posts and this should be a gift 3 points for the flyhalf.
  • Sloppy play from the Hurricanes as B.Barrett takes the ball sideways before shuffling a hospital pass to Laumape. Slow ball allows the Jaguares to generate quick line speed and they force a dropped ball in midfield.
  • Brillint work at the breakdown from Creevy as he gets over the ball to win the penalty for his side. Laumape is the man isolated on the ground and he can have no arguments with that call.
  • Frustration for the Jaguares as they begin the second half with a handling error inside their own half. To compound the error, the jaguares concede a penalty at the scrum and now find themselves defending a line-out 10m from their own goal line.
  • The players have returned to the middle and B.Barrett restarts play.
  • HALF TIME - The first half comes to an end with the Hurricanes leading 12-6. Neither side will be pleased with their first half performances as handling errors and ill-discipline have plagued both sides. Both coaches will no doubt have plenty to say during the break. 
  • Sanchez nails the penalty from close range to reduce the deficit to 6 points as both sides head to the sheds.
  • Penalty Goal
    PENALTY GOAL JAGUARES (Nicolas Sanchez) 12-6 Hurricanes
  • Sanchez will have the chance to grab 3 points on the stroke of half time as the visiotrs are caught offside in midfield.
  • Ezcurra dances past 3 defenders in midfield before linking up with Bertranou who is taking to ground by Shields. The Jaguares are slow to the breakdown which allows A.Savea to win a turnover for the Hurricanes.
  • The crowd find their voice as the Jaguares win a penalty on the Hurricanes scrum feed. However, all their hard work is undone as they are stung for an early engagement at the following scrum.
  • Sanchez makes a break for the Jaguares as he slices through down the left, he finds support on his outside and it takes a superb cover tackle form B.Barrett to prevent Tuculet from scoring.
  • A clever kick from Perenara as he dabs the ball down the left touchline putting Boffelli under enormous pressure. Lam makes a good tackle on Boffelli and the Jaguares do really well to retain possession at the breakdown.
  • Conversion
    MISSED CONVERSION HURRICANES - B.Barrett is unable to convert the try as his attempt shaves the right post. Not a great strike from the flyhalf on this occassion.
  • Pure power from Laumape as he bursts through a hole before using Sanchez as a speed bump on his way to scoring the Hurricanes second try of the match. A poor defensive read outwide opens up the space and Laumape takes full advantage.
  • Try
    TRY HURRICANES! (Ngani Laumape) 12-3 Hurricanes
  • Marcos Kremer puts his side under pressure as he is penalised for a high tackle. B.Barrett kicks for touch and the visitors will go hot on attack with a line-out 10m from the Jaguares tryline.
  • A huge opportunity lost by the Hurricanes as they turn the ball over through a loose pass. Sanchez wastes no time putting boot to ball and temporarily relieving the pressure for his side.
  • Bautista Ezcurra is penalised in front of his own ticks as he jumps the gun on defence and is caught offside. Shields opts for the scrum which isn't suprising after they demolished the Jaguares last go round.
  • The Hurricanes level the score at scrumtime as they win a penalty on the Jaguares feed. B.Barrett kicks to the corner and the Hurricanes have an attacking 5m line-out.
  • The Jaguares have a scrum just inside their own terriotry following a handling error from the visitors. There is no blindside avaible so all the backs are lined up out to the openside.
  • No mistake from Sanchez as he bangs the ball between the sticks from 22m out in front to get teh home side on the scoreboard. Good reward for the home side after a promising passage on attack.
  • Penalty Goal
    PENALTY GOAL JAGUARES (Nicolas Sanchez) 7-3 Hurricanes
  • Ill discipline form the Hurricanes as they concede a penalty at the breakdown. This one is much closer to the posts and Sanchez will surely knock this over for 3 points.
  • MISSED PENALTY JAGUARES - Boffelli's attempt has plenty of legs but is waved away as the ball sails past the left hand upright.
  • Boffelli will look to get the Jaguares on the scoreboard as he lines up a shot at goal from 55m out.
  • Despite conceding the early try, the Jaguares continue to enjoy a wealth of territory and possession. They look dangerous when the shift the ball through the hands but at this stage just haven't been able to construct enough phases to break the Hurricanes defence.
  • A simple conversion for B.Barrett and he adds the extra 2 points from 5m to the left of the posts. That is just the start the visitors were looking for.
  • Conversion
    CONVERSION HURRICANES (Beuaden Barrett) 7-0 Hurricanes
  • A beautiful set piece from the visitors as Laumape sets a target in midfield before B. Barrett puts Evans through a gap with a superb inside pass. Evans doesn't have the pace to beat Tuculet but links up with Lam who strolls over in the left corner for the first try.
  • Try
    TRY HURRICANES! (Ben Lam) 5-0 Hurricanes 
  • This time the Hurricanes turn the ball over cheaply with a handling error at the line-out. A fairly shaky start from boths sides, especially at line-out time.
  • TJ Perenara capitalises on a poor line-out from the Jaguares as he scoops up the loose ball and drives a kick to within 5m of the tryline. Tuculet tracks back for the visitors but all he can do is kick the ball to touch on the 22m line.
  • The attacking opportunity is lost by the Jaguares as they are unable to secure their own line-out ball. Ardie Savea has it for the visitors and they will surely look to clear the ball from their own territory.
  • A huge statement early at scrumtine from the Jaguares as they push the Hurricanes off their own ball. The scrum screws and the ref awards the home side the first penalty of the match.
  • A traditional start from the Hurricanes as they claim the kickoff, clean out at the breakdown allowing TJ Perenara to clear the ball to touch just short of the half way line.
  • The referee blows time on and Nicolas Sanchez gets play underway. Conditions are perfect here in Buenos Aires so we should be in for an exciting clash.
  • Jaguares coach Mario Ledesma has named a strong side including the likes of Augustine Creevy, Nicolas Sanches, Emiliano Boffelli, Joaquin Tuculet and inspirational skipper Pablo Matera who will lead from the front. The visitors are bolstered by the return of All Black Jordie Barrett who starts at fullback while his brother Beauden Barrett comes into the starting line-up after coming off the bench last week.
  • Week 3 of Super Rugby wraps up from Buenos Aires with the Jaguares hosting the Hurricanes at Velez Sarsfield. Both sides are looking to bounce back from losses last week and will be hoping a win in this match can kick-start their 2018 campaign.

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