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Super Rugby
Friday 13 April 2018, 3:35am EDT

Hurricanes v Chiefs

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Key Events

  • FT
  • Penalty GoalJordie Barrett
  • ConversionDamian McKenzie
  • TRY!Lachlan Boshier
  • TRY!Ngani Laumape
  • ConversionJordie Barrett
  • TRY!Beauden Barrett
  • Penalty GoalDamian McKenzie
  • HT
  • Penalty GoalJordie Barrett
  • Penalty GoalDamian McKenzie
  • ConversionJordie Barrett
  • TRY!Ben Lam
  • KO


Match Stats
Player Stats
Defenders beaten
Clean breaks
Turnovers conceded
Turnovers won
Missed tackles
Hurricanes T C P
15 Jordie Barrett 0 2 2
14 Vince Aso 0 0 0
13 Matt Proctor 0 0 0
12 Ngani Laumape 1 0 0
11 Ben Lam 1 0 0
10 Beauden Barrett 1 0 0
9 Jamie Booth 0 0 0
1 Toby Smith 0 0 0
2 Ricky Riccitelli 0 0 0
3 Jeff Toomaga-Allen 0 0 0
4 Vaea Fifita 0 0 0
5 Michael Fatialofa 0 0 0
6 Brad Shields 0 0 0
7 Sam Henwood 0 0 0
8 Gareth Evans 0 0 0
16 James O'Reilly 0 0 0
17 Chris Eves 0 0 0
18 Ben May 0 0 0
19 Murray Douglas 0 0 0
20 Reed Prinsep 0 0 0
21 Richard Judd 0 0 0
22 Ihaia West 0 0 0
23 Wes Goosen 0 0 0
Chiefs T C P
15 Charlie Ngatai 0 0 0
14 Sean Wainui 0 0 0
13 Anton Lienert-Brown 0 0 0
12 Jonathan Faauli 0 0 0
11 Solomona Alaimalo 0 0 0
10 Damian McKenzie 0 1 2
9 Te Toiroa Tahuriorangi 0 0 0
1 Aidan Ross 0 0 0
2 Nathan Harris 0 0 0
3 Angus Taavao-Matau 0 0 0
4 Brodie Retallick 0 0 0
5 Michael Allardice 0 0 0
6 Lachlan Boshier 1 0 0
7 Sam Cane 0 0 0
8 Taleni Seu 0 0 0
16 Liam Polwart 0 0 0
17 Karl Tuinukuafe 0 0 0
18 Jeff Thwaites 0 0 0
19 Luke Jacobson 0 0 0
20 Liam Messam 0 0 0
21 Jonathan Taumateine 0 0 0
22 Marty McKenzie 0 0 0
23 Alex Nankivell 0 0 0


Super Rugby

2 Hurricanes 56 51
3 Chiefs 53 49
Live Blog
Match Feed
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  • FULL TIME - A two try blitz immediately after half time from the home side proves crucial as the Hurricanes beat the Chiefs 25-13 to move to the top of the NZ Conference and hand the Chiefs only their second defeat of the season. The Chiefs were brave here tonight but in the end couldn't score enough points to stick with the Hurricanes.
  • A superb kick from J.Barrett as he drills the long range penalty to cap off a great win for the Hurricanes.
  • Penalty Goal
    PENALTY GOAL HURRICANES (Jordie Barrett) 25-13 Hurricanes
  • The Chiefs concede a penalty at the breakdown which will be the final nail in the coffin. J.Barrett will shoot for goal from 45m out and if successful the game will be over.
  • The Hurricanes are looking to wind down the clock as the forwards pick and drive one-off the ruck ensuring they are able to recycle possession. As the clock ticks past 76 minutes the Chiefs are quickly running out of time to score twice.
  • The Hurricanes scramble defence is called upon again as Alaimalo streaks down the right edge. He is looking to position D.McKenzie for a draw and pass but McKenzie cuts back on the inside which doesn't allow alaimalo to link up with him. J.Barrett makes the cover tackle on Alaimalo.
  • Here is a great chance for the Hurricanes to put the result to bed as B.Barrett finds the sidline from a penalty 5m from the Chiefs goal line. The line-out goes astray for the home side and McKenzie looks to counter-attack for the Chiefs.
  • The Hurricanes are content to play the ball at the Chiefs end of the park as B.Barrett drives a long kick down to the 22m line. The Chiefs still require 2 scoring plays to win and therefore have to start attacking form deep inside their own territory.
  • The Chiefs waste a great attacking opportunity as Alaimalo loses the ball in an attempt to keep the the play alive as he is dragged towards the sideline. The Hurricanes scramble defence continues to come up trumps.
  • The Chiefs continue to hold onto possession and are now really testing the Hurricanes defence. The visitors have really opened up their game and all of a sudden look very threatening.
  • The Chiefs are beginning to find their mojo as Alaimalo makes a second line break in as many minutes. It takes a superb cover tackle from J.Barrett to deny the Chiefs back to back tries.
  • A great strike form McKenzie as he lands the conversion from the sideline to reduce the deficit to 9 points with 20 minutes remaining.
  • Conversion
    CONVERSION CHIEFS (Damien McKenzie) 22-13 Hurricanes
  • D.Mckenzie eludes a spot tackle from Shields and slips a pass to Ngatai who fires a wide ball out to an unmarked Boshier and the flanker dives over in the left corner.
  • Try
    TRY CHIEFS (Lachlan Boshier) 22-11 Hurricanes
  • The Hurricanes concede a penalty on their own goal line to give themsleves a breather after a period of desperate defence. The Hurricanes opt for the line-out and look to set up a rolling maul.
  • Alaimalo makes a line break as bursts through a hole off the back of a short pass. He swerves off on a sideways tagent before floating a loopy pass out to Wainui who takes the tackle on the hurricanes 10m line.
  • Ill disicipline at the breakdown from Fatialofa as he is penalised for leaving his feet and sealing off the ball. A bad penalty to concede as the Hurricanes had built some continuity and were only 20m from the tryline.
  • B.Barrett cuts the Chiefs to pieces on the counter-attack as he glides past 3 defenders with pure pace and agility. He comes to the last man and opts to kick out wide for Aso but the ball just beats the Hurricanes winger over the sidleine or it would have been another try.
  • Frustrations continue for the Chiefs on offense as they come up with another hadnling error. Their attack has had absoultely no rhythm to it tonight.
  • Dangerous play from Riccitelli as he mistimes his kick chase and tackles D.McKenzie in the air. McKenzie seems to be alright and gets back to his feet to make the penalty kick to touch.
  • D.Mckenzie makes a half break and puts boot to ball. Booth wins the race back to the loose ball and does well to retain possession at the breakdown. The Chiefs undo some good work by conceding a penalty at the breakdown.
  • MISSED CONVERSION HURRICANES - J.Barrett watches as his conversion attempt bounces away off the post.  The score remains 22-6.
  • Scintilating play fromt he Hurricanes as they stretch the Chiefs defence wide out to the right. D.McKenzie makes a try saving tackle on Aso but from the ruck B.barrett connects with Laumape on a cross-kick and the midfielder scores in the opposite corner.
  • Try
    TRY HURRICANES (Ngani Laumape) 22-6 Hurricanes
  • J.Barrett converts his brothers try from wide out as he bangs the ball straight down the middle extending the home sides lead to 11 points early in the second half.
  • Conversion
    CONVERSION HURRICANES (Jordie Barrett) 17-6 Hurricanes
  • Lam forces a loose pass as he slaps the arm of Wainui, B.Barrett brilliantly scoops up the loose ball, kicks ahead and just beats Retallick in the race to ground the ball in the in-goal area.
  • Try
    TRY HURRICANES (Beauden Barrett) 15-6 Hurricanes
  • The players have returned from the sheds and B.Barrett restarts play.
  • HALF TIME - The first half comes to an end with the Hurricanes leading the Chiefs 10-6. Neither side will be pleased with their first half performance because of poor ball control and discipline but the good news is both teams are still well in the contest at the break with only a Ben lam try separating the 2 sides.
  • McKenzie closes the gap to 4 points on the stroke of half time as he bangs over his second penalty from 30m out on an angle.
  • Penalty Goal
    PENALTY GOAL CHIEFS (10-6) Hurricanes
  • The home fans are furious as the the referee calls J.Barrett back after the fullback takes an intercept and sprints 60m to score under the posts. The referee was playing a penalty advantage and therefore play comes back for a Chiefs penalty.
  • The Chiefs concede another turnover at the breakdown and to compound the error Messam is penalised for a high tackle.
  • Ill discipline from the Hurricanes as Fifita hits Allerdice in a high tackle.. This time the Chiefs decide not to shoot for goal and instead McKenzie boots the ball to touch just short of the Hurricanes 22m line.
  • MISSED PENALTY CHIEFS - A poor strike from D.McKenzie as he pulls the ball across the face of goal. He will be disappointed with that miss as it was a fairly easy kick. The score remains 10-3 Hurricanes.
  • The Chiefs make a statement at scrumtime as the Hurricanes are penalised for collapsing. Cane points to the posts and D.McKenzie will shoot for goal from 25m out.
  • A rare attacking opportunity for the Chiefs as Cane carries the ball up towards the Hurricanes 22m line, however the play comes unstuck as Messam tries to tip the ball on from the next phase and the ball is lost forward.
  • A kicking duel takes place as both sides look to win the territory battle. J.Barrett kciks down to Ngatai who returns the ball with interest finding touch on the Hurricanes 22m line.
  • The Chiefs turn the ball over as McKenzie throws a loose pass which is ruled forward by the referee. The Hurricanes will get possession via a scrum feed.
  • Frustration for the Hurricanes as B.Barrett is penalised for sealing the ball off at the breakdown bringing a promising passage of play to an end. D.McKenzie looks to catch the Hurricanes napping as he takes a quick tap and scoots off down field.
  • The Hurricanes enter the Chiefs 22 as Shields runs a short ball off B.Barrett. He breaks the first tackle and as a result the Hurricanes have quick ball.
  • Lam sparks the counter-attack for the Hurricanes as he breaks out from inside his own 22m line. Lam links with Booth who finds J.Barrett who spills the ball forward as he is tackled from behind by Alaimalo. That is what the crowd has come to see!
  • Quick line speed from the Hurricanes forces Fa'auli to kick and the ball trickles into touch 40m from the Hurricanes goal line. Both sides are struggling to breakdown the rush defence of their opposition.
  • A testiment to the Chiefs defence as B.Barrett is forced to kick with the Hurricanes unable to make any headway with ball in hand. The Chiefs will get the ball from a line-out and will have the chance to build some phases on attack.
  • The Hurricanes set a short line-out and Fifita secures the ball at the front. Booth finds B.Barrett who sends Laumape on a crash ball in midfield.
  • Vaea Fifita splits the Chiefs right through the middle of the ruck. The flanker takes on Ngtai who makes a good tackle to slow Fifita's momentum and a try goes begging as J.Barrett is unable to cleanly grab an offload from Fifita. There was no one in front of the J.Barrett had he taken the pass.
  • Play restarts with a Hurricanes scrum where the CHiefs concede a free-kick for an early engagement. The Hurricanes opt for another scrum.
  • We have a long stoppage in play here with Chiefs prop Aiden Ross down with what looks to be a serious ankle injury.
  • J.Barrett restores the Hurricanes 7 point lead as he nails his first penalty goal from 25m out in front.
  • Penalty Goal
    PENALTY GOAL HURRICANES (J.Barrett) 10-3 Hurricanes
  • An injury blow for the urricanes with Sam Henwood ruled out for the rest of the match after failing an HIA test after sustaining a head knock in the first few minutes of the match. Reed Prinsep will remain on the field as his replacement.
  • The Hurricanes fail to regather the kickoff and it costs them 3 points as D.McKenzie nails his first shot at goal from 35m out. The penalty was conceded at the breakdown.
  • Penalty Goal
    PENALTY GOAL CHIEFS (Damien McKenzie) 7-3 Chiefs
  • J.Barrett adds the extra 2 points from close range to give the Hurricanes a 7-0 lead.
  • Conversion
    CONVERSION HURRICANES (Jordie Barrett) 7-0 Hurricanes
  • Great counter attack from the home side as laumape offloads the ball in a two man tackle to Lam. Lam puts the foot down and bumps off one defender, shrugs off another before streaking away to score next to the posts.
  • Try
    TRY HURRICANES (Ben Lam) 5-0 Hurricanes
  • The Hurricanes are camped inside the Chiefs 22 as Fatialofa secures the ball from a line-out, however as the maul collapses the referee awards the Chiefs a penalty which relieves the pressure on the visitors.
  • Ben Lam goes close to scoring in the left corner as he looks to burn Ngatai on the outside, fortunately for the Chiefs, Lam runs out of room allowing Ngatai to bundle him into touch.
  • The first penalty of the match goes the way of the Hurricanes as the CHiefs infrings at the breakdown. B.Barrett kicks for touch and the home side have an attacking line-out on the Chiefs 22m line.
  • An early line-break for the Chiefs as McKenzie throws a wide ball out to Harris to put the hooker in space. Alaimalo looms on the outside of Harris but the hooker throws the dummy and is hit hard in a tackle by J.Barrett. A chance lost there for the visitors.
  • Referee Jamie Nutbrown blows time on and D.McKenzie gets play underway. Conditions are perfect for rugby so we should be in for an exciting contest.
  • The Hurricanes are without All Black halfback TJ Perenara meaning Jamie Booth gets a start in the number 9 Jersey. Beauden Barrett returns to the starting line-up after missing last weeks match, which pushes Ihaia West back to the bench after his match winning performance last week.Good news for the Chiefs with star pivot Damien McKenzie proving his fitness late in the week meaning he will start in the 10 Jersey. All Blacks Brodie Retallick and Sam Cane will lead the charge for a Chiefs forward pack which will be looking to dominate up front.
  • Welcome to week 9 of Super Rugby. This weeks action gets underway with a local derby from the NZ Conference with the Hurricanes playing host to the Chiefs from Westpac Stadium in Wellington. This is a huge match for both sides as the winner will jump to the top of the ladder in the NZ Conference.

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