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Super Rugby
Saturday 04 August 2018, 3:35am EDT

Crusaders v Lions

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Key Events

  • FT
  • ConversionRichie Mo'unga
  • TRY!Scott Barrett
  • TRY!Malcolm Marx
  • Yellow CardRyan Crotty
  • ConversionRichie Mo'unga
  • TRY!Mitchell Drummond
  • ConversionElton Jantjies
  • TRY!Cyle Brink
  • Penalty GoalRichie Mo'unga
  • HT
  • Penalty GoalElton Jantjies
  • ConversionRichie Mo'unga
  • TRY!David Kaetau Havili
  • Penalty GoalRichie Mo'unga
  • ConversionRichie Mo'unga
  • TRY!Seta Tamanivalu
  • Penalty GoalRichie Mo'unga
  • Penalty GoalElton Jantjies
  • KO


Match Stats
Player Stats
Defenders beaten
Clean breaks
Turnovers conceded
Turnovers won
Missed tackles
Crusaders T C P
15 David Havili 1 0 0
14 Seta Tamanivalu 1 0 0
13 Jack Goodhue 0 0 0
12 Ryan Crotty 0 0 0
11 George Bridge 0 0 0
10 Richie Mo'unga 0 4 3
9 Bryn Hall 0 0 0
1 Joe Moody 0 0 0
2 Codie Taylor 0 0 0
3 Owen Franks 0 0 0
4 Scott Barrett 1 0 0
5 Sam Whitelock 0 0 0
6 Heiden Bedwell-Curtis 0 0 0
7 Matt Todd 0 0 0
8 Kieran Read 0 0 0
16 Andrew Makalio 0 0 0
17 Tim Perry 0 0 0
18 Michael Alaalatoa 0 0 0
19 Luke Romano 0 0 0
20 Peter Samu 0 0 0
21 Mitchell Drummond 1 0 0
22 Mitch Hunt 0 0 0
23 Braydon Ennor 0 0 0
Lions T C P
15 Andries Coetzee 0 0 0
14 Ruan Combrinck 0 0 0
13 Lionel Mapoe 0 0 0
12 Harold Vorster 0 0 0
11 Courtnall Skosan 0 0 0
10 Elton Jantjies 0 1 2
9 Ross Cronje 0 0 0
1 Jacques Van Rooyen 0 0 0
2 Malcolm Marx 1 0 0
3 Ruan Dreyer 0 0 0
4 Marvin Orie 0 0 0
5 Franco Mostert 0 0 0
6 Kwagga Smith 0 0 0
7 Cyle Brink 1 0 0
8 Warren Whiteley 0 0 0
16 Corne Fourie 0 0 0
17 Dylan Smith 0 0 0
18 Johannes Jonker 0 0 0
19 Lourens Erasmus 0 0 0
20 Marnus Schoeman 0 0 0
21 Dillon Smit 0 0 0
22 Aphiwe Dyantyi 0 0 0
23 Howard Mnisi 0 0 0


Super Rugby

1 Crusaders 78 63
4 Lions 65 46
Live Blog
Match Feed
  • FULL TIME - The Crusaders are the Super Rugby champions for an incredible 9th time!  The hosts were made to fight all the way to the final whistle but, as has been the case so often throughout their history, they have proved to be simply too good when the whips are cracking.  It's heartbreak for the Lions who have now been runners-up three years in a row - the visitors, who dominated at times, were outstanding tonight and proved to be more than worthy opponents in the decider.  After an epic final at AMI Stadium in Christchurch, it's the Crusaders who are the 2018 Super Rugby champions with a 37-18 victory over the Lions.
  • The final siren has sounded but the Lions are not going to hand this over without a fight - the visitors have been superb this evening and fully deserve a consolation try here.
  • To their full credit, the Lions are taking this match right to the final whistle - through 10 phases, they muscle their way inside the Crusaders' 22.
  • The celebrations have begun with Crusaders' coach Scott Robertson joining his charges on the sidelines to savour the final two minutes of the contest.
  • It's a penalty to the Crusaders and, with Ryan Crotty about to rejoin the action after 10 minutes in the sin bin, barring a miracle the home side have this final well within their keeping.
  • Penalty to the Lions!  The Crusaders, in an attempt, to wind down the clock infringe by not releasing the ball - Elton Jantjies kicks for touch and takes play all the way up to the hosts' 22m line.
  • It's all to do now for the Lions - the visitors have been brave tonight and shown that they are able to break down this formidable Crusaders' defence.  Have they got one last effort left in them?
  • Conversion
    CONVERSION! Crusaders (Richie Mo'unga) 37-18 Crusaders
  • Stung into action, the Crusaders, down a man, dig deep to post the quick response!  Outstanding continuity from the hosts simply wears down the Lions' defence - a half gap opens up under the posts and Scott Barrett takes full toll and drives over.
  • Try
    TRY! Crusaders (Scott Barrett) 35-18 Crusaders
  • MISS! Elton Jantjies slips on his approach and, as a result, has missed to the left with his conversion attempt.
  • Try
    TRY! Lions (Malcolm Marx) 30-18 Crusaders
  • It's game on in Christchurch!  In an incredible show of strength, Malcolm Marx takes on the tackle and keeps his feet before smashing his way over the chalk for a stunning five-pointer - the Lions are back within two converted tries with the kick to come.
  • Yellow Card
    YELLOW CARD!  Ryan Crotty is penalised for being on the wrong side of the tackle and killing the ball - on the back of consecutive infringements, Angus Gardner shows no hesitation in showing the inside centre a yellow card for cynical play.
  • The Lions are back on the front foot!  The visitors draw within an inch of the Crusaders' line before drawing a penalty, against Codie Taylor for a no-arms tackle, well within striking distance.
  • Conversion
    CONVERSION! Crusaders (Richie Mo’unga) 30-13 Crusaders
  • The Crusaders make the Lions pay almost immediately!  Outstanding hands from Matt Todd and then, in turn, Codie Taylor opens up the defence for Mitchell Drummond who bursts through under the posts - a terrific response from the hosts who have been under the pump for much of this second half.
  • Try
    TRY! Crusaders (Mitchell Drummond) 28-13 Crusaders
  • MISS!  Ruan Combrinck, in an attempt to get the distance, hooks the ball badly off the tee and his effort lands well out to the left.
  • Good game management here from the Lions - they uncharacteristically elect to take a shot at the posts with Ruan Combrinck to line up from 40m out on the angle.  This to make it one converted try the difference - if it goes over of course!
  • The Lions, buoyed by the try to Cyle Brink, look poised and ready to challenge the Crusaders here in Christchurch - the scene is set for a grandstand finish in the 2018 Super Rugby final!
  • Conversion
    CONVERSION! Lions (Elton Jantjies) 23-13 Crusaders
  • Here come the Lions!  Finally some reward for the visitors on the back of some brilliant play from Cyle Brink - the flanker bulldozes his way through the tackle and, with the try line opening up in front of him, he strides away to score.
  • Try
    TRY! Lions (Cyle Brink) 23-11 Crusaders
  • The news from the rooms is that Joe Moody has failed his HIA and so the prop's night is finished.
  • A brave move from the visitors, who have not found any success with their rolling maul, to take the scrum feed from the penalty but it doesn't pay dividends - the Lions' front row comes up and the Crusaders have been awarded a crucial penalty.
  • NO TRY - The evidence from the replay is not conclusive enough to overturn the on field decision so no try is the result - in any case, a penalty advantage was being played so possession will stay with the visitors.
  • TMO - Elton Jantjies reaches out for the paint under the posts - did he get there?  The on-field decision is no try but Angus Gardner refers the final decision to the TMO.
  • The Lions are just 5m away!  Through 6 phases, they inch their way forward to within striking range of the Crusaders' line.
  • SUBSTITUTION - There is a forced change for the Crusaders with Joe Moody forced from the field for a HIA - he will be replaced by Tim Perry.
  • Penalty to the Lions!  Against the Crusaders for offside and, with the visitors well behind on the scoreboard, they have little option but to kick the ball into touch right in the corner.
  • Good movement of the ball from the Lions.  Patience is the key here for the visitors who have had plenty of the possession and territory in this match but simply haven't been able to make it count where it matters the most - on the scoreboard.
  • First points of the second half go to the Crusaders!  The kick from Richie Mo’unga teases the right hand post before swinging inside at the last minute.
  • Penalty Goal
    PENALTY GOAL! Crusaders (Richie Mo’unga) 23-6 Crusaders
  • Penalty to the Crusaders!  It's against the Lions for not rolling away after the tackle and so Richie Mo’unga will line up the sticks for a difficult kick -he's 40m out on the angle.
  • The Crusaders, from inside their own territory, find some space out to the left before straightening and edging their way over the half way line.
  • SECOND HALF - Richie Mo’unga kicks off for the Crusaders and the second half is underway!
  • HALF TIME - The whistle sounds for half time in the 2018 Super Rugby Final!  The Lions dominated possession and territory for most of the first half but, incredibly, it is the Crusaders who are in control on the scoreboard.  The visitors weren't able to capitalise on their attacking opportunities whilst the hosts looked like scoring every time they managed to get their hands on the ball.  It all comes down to the next 40 minutes - at half time, it is the Crusaders leading 20-6 over the Lions.
  • Elton Jantjies makes no mistake from right in front of the posts - the Crusaders' lead is two converted tries inside the final minute of the first half.
  • Penalty Goal
    PENALTY GOAL! Lions (Elton Jantjies) 20-6 Crusaders
  • A second consecutive penalty to the Lions against Matt Todd for offside - the Lions, desperate to get some points on the board before the break, elect to take a shot at the three points on offer.
  • Penalty to the Lions!  The assistant referee spots foul play from Joe Moody on Malcolm Marx giving the visitors a chance to go on the front foot - the Lions desperately need a score here in the lead up to half time.
  • Conversion
    CONVERSION! Crusaders (Richie Mo’unga) 20-3 Crusaders
  • The Crusaders are in for try number 2!  Richie Mo’unga takes the high ball brilliantly before slicing through the defence with a stunning burst - the Lions' defence is unable to recover and a couple of phases later it is David Havili who crosses.
  • Try
    TRY! Crusaders (David Havili) 18-3 Crusaders
  • Penalty Goal
    PENALTY GOAL! Crusaders (Richie Mo’unga) 13-3 Crusaders
  • Penalty to the Crusaders - the scrum goes goes down and so Richie Mo’unga will line up the sticks from point blank range.
  • A crucial error from the Lions!  With the ball rolling just short of the line from a thumping kick from Richie Mo’unga, Elton Jantjies picks it up and touches down in-goal - the ball wasn't over however and so a 5m scrum is awarded to the Crusaders.
  • Terrific defence from the Crusaders - the Lions, normally so deadly from the line out close to the try line, have been so far unable to get their rolling maul to click into gear.  The home side come up with a crucial turnover deep inside their 22.
  • The Crusaders do well once again to nullify the Lions' rolling maul but, in the process, have conceded a penalty for collapsing - Elton Jantjies sends the ball back into touch.
  • A huge opportunity here for the visitors to strike back - after a stunning kick for touch from Elton Jantjies, the visitors have the line out throw just 5m away from the Crusaders' line.
  • Angus Gardner having some issues setting the scrum - after a couple of attempts, the scrum goes down yet again and the ref shows no hesitation in awarding the penalty to the Lions.
  • Conversion
    CONVERSION! Crusaders (Richie Mo’unga) 10-3 Crusaders
  • Conversion
    The TMO awards the first try of the decider to the Crusaders!  The home side spread to the right with lightning efficiency - Richie Mo’unga loops the pass over the top to Seta Tamanivalu who bulldozes through the first tackle before reaching over to score.
  • Try
    TRY! Crusaders (Seta Tamanivalu) 8-3 Crusaders
  • TMO - The home crowd roars as Seta Tamanivalu dives over the line but ref Angus Gardner refers the final decision to the TMO - the on field decision is a try.
  • So close in the corner for the Crusaders!  Quick hands opens up a half gap for George Bridge who is within touching distance of the chalk however Franco Mostert arrives in the nick of time to deny the winger the five-pointer.
  • Richie Mo’unga makes no mistake with his penalty goal attempt and we are all square at the quarter hour mark - as expected it's been tight and tough in the opening minutes of this 2018 Super Rugby final.
  • Penalty Goal
    PENALTY GOAL! Crusaders (Richie Mo’unga) 3-3
  • The Crusaders generate a scoring opportunity from their first venture into Lions' territory - a penalty against the Lions for hands in the ruck gives Richie Mo’unga  a chance to level the scores.
  • The Lions open the scoring!  A confident first up strike from the boot of Elton Jantjies who opens the scoring here at AMI Stadium - a good reward for the visitors who have dominated proceedings in the opening 12 and a bit minutes.
  • Penalty Goal
    PENALTY GOAL! Lions (Elton Jantjies) 3-0 Lions
  • Penalty to the Lions!  It's against the Crusaders for hands in the ruck and, from virtually right in front of the posts, Elton Jantjies will line up for the first points of the match.
  • The Crusaders earn a turnover from the line out, nullifying the Lions' rolling maul however there is a question as to whether Joe Moody infringed by charging in too early.
  • More pressure here on the Crusaders' defence - the Lions have earned a line out throw just 5m away from the hosts' line.
  • The Lions would be delighted with their efforts in the opening minutes of this final - but they will need to capitalise on every opportunity they can get if they are to upset the Crusaders here in Christchurch.
  • Ruan Combrinck breaks through the line with a brilliant dummy pass!  The Lions' winger seems certain to go all the way for the opening try of the match however he is dragged down in a desperate tackle by David Havili just inches short of the paint -  so close their for the visitors.
  • Turnover to the Crusaders!  The line out throw comes out on the hosts' side and the ball is fed out to Richie Mo’unga who clears from the last line of defence.
  • The first penalty of the match is awarded to the Lions!  It's just beyond Elton Jantjies' kicking range so the Lions' fly half deposits the ball into touch right on the Crusaders' 22.
  • A solid start from the kick off for the visitors who have earned an early line out throw, halfway between the Crusaders' 10m and 22m lines.
  • FIRST HALF - Elton Jantjies puts boot to ball for the Lions and we are underway in the first half.
  • Players are in position and we are just moments away from kick off in the 2018 Super Rugby final!
  • Is tonight the Lions' night?  This is the Lion's third Super Rugby final in a row however the men from Johannesburg have fallen agonisingly short of capturing the ultimate prize.  They could not ask to be in better form - they have won 5 out of their past 6 matches including the past 3 in a row including the Quarter and Semi final.
  • The Crusaders have barely put a foot wrong throughout their 2018 campaign finishing on top of the New Zealand conference before sweeping to comprehensive victories in the Quarters and the Semis - tonight, the home side will be gunning for title number 9 and their second in a row.
  • It's a very warm welcome to AMI Stadium in Christchurch, the scene of the 2018 Super Rugby Final between the Crusaders and the Lions.

Live Match Centre – Crusaders v Lions