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Six Nations
Saturday 17 March 2018, 8:30am EDT

Italy v Scotland

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Key Events

  • FT
  • Penalty GoalGreig Laidlaw
  • Penalty GoalTommaso Allan
  • ConversionGreig Laidlaw
  • TRY!Stuart Hogg
  • ConversionGreig Laidlaw
  • TRY!Sean Maitland
  • ConversionTommaso Allan
  • TRY!Tommaso Allan
  • HT
  • ConversionGreig Laidlaw
  • TRY!John Barclay
  • ConversionTommaso Allan
  • TRY!Matteo Minozzi
  • ConversionTommaso Allan
  • TRY!Tommaso Allan
  • TRY!Fraser Brown
  • Penalty GoalTommaso Allan
  • KO


Match Stats
Player Stats
Defenders beaten
Clean breaks
Turnovers conceded
Turnovers won
Missed tackles
Italy T C P
15 Matteo Minozzi 1 0 0
14 Tommaso Benvenuti 0 0 0
13 Giulio Bisegni 0 0 0
12 Tommaso Castello 0 0 0
11 Mattia Bellini 0 0 0
10 Tommaso Allan 2 3 2
9 Marcello Violi 0 0 0
1 Andrea Lovotti 0 0 0
2 Leonardo Ghiraldini 0 0 0
3 Simone Ferrari 0 0 0
4 Alessandro Zanni 0 0 0
5 Dean Budd 0 0 0
6 Sebastian Negri 0 0 0
7 Jake Polledri 0 0 0
8 Sergio Parisse 0 0 0
16 Oliviero Fabiani 0 0 0
17 Nicola Quaglio 0 0 0
18 Tizano Pasquali 0 0 0
19 Braam Steyn 0 0 0
20 Giovanni Licata 0 0 0
21 Guglielmo Palazzani 0 0 0
22 Carlo Canna 0 0 0
23 Jayden Hayward 0 0 0
Scotland T C P
15 Stuart Hogg 1 0 0
14 Tommy Seymour 0 0 0
13 Huw Jones 0 0 0
12 Nick Grigg 0 0 0
11 Sean Maitland 1 0 0
10 Finn Russell 0 0 0
9 Greig Laidlaw 0 3 1
1 Gordon Reid 0 0 0
2 Fraser Brown 1 0 0
3 WP Nel 0 0 0
4 Tim Swinson 0 0 0
5 Jonny Gray 0 0 0
6 John Barclay 1 0 0
7 Hamish Watson 0 0 0
8 Ryan Wilson 0 0 0
16 Stuart McInally 0 0 0
17 Jamie Bhatti 0 0 0
18 Zander Fagerson 0 0 0
19 Richie Gray 0 0 0
20 David Denton 0 0 0
21 Ali Price 0 0 0
22 Peter Horne 0 0 0
23 Blair Kinghorn 0 0 0


Six Nations

6 Italy 38 1
3 Scotland 74 13
Live Blog
Match Feed
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  • What a game that was. Italy went so close to finally winning a NatWest 6 Nations game but the boot of Greig Laidlaw was enough to hold them at bay in an enthralling encounter. The Azzurri finish bottom of the Championship table while Scotland get three wins for their campaign - and now, all eyes turn to Twickenham for Ireland's attempt to win a Grand Slam. Thank you for joining us and have a good weekend!
  • Italy try to force the scrum collapse for a penalty but Ali Price manages to get it out and kicks it out - just - to earn the full-time whistle! Scotland win this 2018 NatWest 6 Nations encounter in Rome - just - as Sergio Parisse makes it 100 Tests on the losing side and the Azzurri go 17 Championship games without a win. Heartbreak for Conor O'Shea, relief for Gregor Townsend; at full-time, it finishes Italy 25-27 Scotland.
  • Italy collect the short restart but then Steyn goes without the ball, 30m out. Scotland have the scrum...
  • Penalty Goal
    PENALTY: Italy 25-27 Scotland. Laidlaw kicks it from out wide - just, as the ball skims in at the far left post. Scotland restore a two-point lead with seconds to go.
  • Penalty advantage to Scotland from a collapsed maul 20m out on the right wing and Laidlaw will go for the three points now too. Two minutes and five seconds on the clock.
  • Penalty Goal
    PENALTY: Italy 25-24 Scotland. Allan floats it brilliantly from 35m out on the right and Italy have the smallest of leads with four minutes to go.
  • Italy get a penalty! Negri wins a chance to go for the posts and the three points after Gray fails to rolling away, trapped in the tackle. Allan to give the hosts a one-point lead...
  • Italy get a line-out just inside the Scotland half after a Price kick skews wide and out when attempting to clear.
  • Conversion
    CONVERSION: Italy 22-24 Scotland. Laidlaw's kick is good and Scotland hit the front! That is crushing for Italy who have turned in their best showing of the Championship; can they find their way back into the lead in these final minutes?
  • Try
    TRY: Italy 24-24 Scotland. Hogg touches down to level the scores! The fullback cuts through on the right edge as the visitors stretch Negri out of the back-line and exploit the game. All square in Rome with a conversion to come...
  • A  superb maul from Scotland drives them down their left wing to the tune of some 20 metres, putting them just shy of the Italian line. The Azzurri are under heavy siege here; can they hold out?
  • An exchange of box kicks from the scrum gives Scotland the eventual advantage and Denton, newly arrived on the field, powers his side to halfway with a hulking run.
  • A knock-on on the 15th phase by Barclay gives Italy a moment to catch their breath and take the pressure off their defence.
  • It's the visitors who have the wind in their sails right now but with a roar, the Stadio Olimpico urge their side on as they hold Bhatti and Barclay in midfield with some solid work.
  • Conversion
    CONVERSION: Italy 24-19 Scotland. Laidlaw sweeps the conversion over from the right flank and Scotland are only an unconverted try behind the Azzurri with just under 20 minutes on the clock.
  • Try
    TRY: Italy 24-17 Scotland. Maitland gets the score that the visitors desperately need as Scotland open up an overlap on the right edge to get themselves back into the game.
  • Tommaso Benvenuti gets the interception on an Ali Price pass out to the left wing, five metres away, but the referee deems him to be offside. Scotland take the line-out and then get a penalty advantage too.
  • A good penalty for Scotland now as they keep Steyn from releasing in the tackle on halfway and Russell gets them the line-out 20m away on the right.
  • Scrum to Italy now but more concerning issues for Scotland; Russell is being replaced, for reasons the the scrum-half does not agree with, and Ali Price is on in his place, with a drastic reshuffle in the pack ensuring for the visitors.
  • Changes for both sides now, with Braam Steyn on for Italy and Pete Horne and Richie Gray on for Scotland.
  • Italy turn the scrum around at the tighthead side to give Polledri a good exit and Allan kicks for distance, only for Maitland to take on the full and return with interest.
  • Scotland look to make the most of this new chance on the back of a Maitland run but Barclay's pass is knocked on by Jones and though Italy try to play the advantage, they are brought back for the scrum.
  • Penalty to Scotland now as the scrum collapses and players from both sides become involved in a bit of a fracas.
  • What a chance that was for the hosts! Italy get the overlap on the outside and look to be heading for the try-line on the left with Parisse - only for the captain's offload to be knocked on by his runner on the left as Russell come in. There's a question of whether the Scotland man deliberately knocked on there but the TMO can't find conclusive proof. Scrum to Scotland.
  • It's a poor box kick from Laidlaw too after some quick exchanges from the restart and Italy get a line-out on the Scottish 40m mark on their left.
  • Conversion
    CONVERSION: Italy 24-12 Scotland. Allan adds the extras and Scotland find themselves 12 points down now on the board.
  • Try
    TRY: Italy 22-12 Scotland. No doubt about that one! Polledri makes a barnstorming break in midfield from the Scottish return, brushing off Wilson, and then flicking inside for Allan to finish under the sticks. What a score for the Azzurri.
  • Some changes at the break; Scotland have switched out their entire front row, with Stuart McInally, Jamie Bhatti and Zander Ferguson on now.
  • No try! Oh, that is a let-off for Scotland as Negri's score is chalked off for a knock-on by Parisse in the build-up. Unlucky for Italy; if that had been allowed, that would have been a cracker of a score.
  • What a way to start the second half! A superb turnover from Mattia Bellini on the left wing puts Italy on the front foot, and after a wayward pass from Parisse, Negri busts the tackle 20m out and romps home to score under the sticks. The referee wants to go to the TMO though, for a knock-on in the build up...
  • We're back underway in Rome; can Italy hold on for their first Championship victory in 17? Or will Scotland come back from behind to break Azzurri hearts?
  • It's the hosts who have the advantage at the break as Italy save their best for last. The Azzurri have looked more dynamic than they have in any other Championship game so far - but Scotland are not going to let them go easily either. It's an enthralling match in Rome; at half-time, it's Italy 17-12 Scotland.
  • Scotland turnover Italy's attack on the 15th phase, just shy of the line and the referee blows for half-time in this NatWest 6 Nations encounter.
  • Penalty to Italy as they force the turnover just inside their own half and Allan's kick gives them the line-out 20m away on the right. Prime chance for the hosts now.
  • Great work from Negri and Budd puts Italy on the attack after they charge down Maitland's clearing kick, 10m out wide on their right flank - but then Scotland get the penalty after a kerfuffle with the ball around the ruck.
  • Russell almost comes up with a brilliant chip-and-chase on halfway and looks to be away with the break - but the referee hauls him back for a knock-on in his recollection after the ball was bobbled off Violi's chest. Scrum to Italy.
  • Great defence on his try-line by Jake Polledri keeps Brown from releasing and Italy get the turnover penalty to the roar of the crowd. Superb work from the Azzurri to keep Scotland out.
  • Scotland back knocking on the door after an Italian knock-on from the line-out. Russell gets close on the right wing and Ryan Wilson almost sneaks over on the seventh phase a moment later, held up just shy.
  • Hogg slips through with a pop pass on the 14th phase and looks to be headed for the try-line until Minozzi gets across to cover him. The next offload pass to Maitland is forward however and Allan puts a clearing kick in to take the pressure off the hosts.
  • Into the 13th phase now and Scotland are still held on the opposition 40m mark as Italy's defence scrambles to keep them at bay.
  • Grigg puts an excellent run on, slipping through a gap where Ferrari should have been; the tighthead prop busts out a great run to haul the centre back moments later. Line-out to Italy now as Allan puts a foot out collecting Laidlaw's grubber just inside his own half.
  • Italy are unhappy with the referee waving away a call for obstruction on Minozzi by Nel and Brown, and Hogg puts a great box kick in moments later to pin the Azzurri back on their own 10m mark for a defensive line-out.
  • Conversion
    CONVERSION: Italy 17-12 Scotland. Laidlaw adds the extras and Scotland are back within touching distance.
  • Try
    TRY: Italy 17-10 Scotland. It's great work from Barclay too who, backed by the extra grunt of Seymour, is the man to dive over on the right flank at the back of the maul as it reaches the try-line. Scotland offer a good riposte to those Italian scores.
  • After a brief stoppage for injury, it's Scotland who strike back with an attacking line-out placing them 10m shy on the right. The maul is good and the visitors, steered by captain John Barclay, crawl towards the try-line.
  • Conversion
    CONVERSION: Italy 17-5 Scotland. Allan adds the extras once more and the hosts have a 12-point lead now. Are they on for their first win since Fiji last autumn? 
  • Try
    TRY: Italy 15-5 Scotland. What a score for the Azzurri! It's Minozzi with their second try of the game, who gets onto the end of an excellent grubber from the recovered Allan, put through a flat Scottish back-line and touching down just before Hogg can reach it.
  • Matteo Minozzi nips down the left through a gap and is brought to ground 20m out on the left. Italy in a great position here as Scotland's defence struggle to get back.
  • Sebastian Negri hooks it out of the air and Italy bring themselves slowly into the opposition half through Giulio Bisegni. Bad news for the Azzurri in back play though; Allan appears to be carrying a knock after a late hit a phase earlier.
  • Scotland are rewarded with a scrum of their own after a first collapse but Russell's attempt to kick crossfield for Maitland goes out on the full. Line-out to Italy on halfway.
  • Scrum to Italy now as Seymour spills a high box kick just inside his own half from the boot of Violi.
  • Conversion
    CONVERSION: Italy 10-5 Scotland. Allan converts his own score and the Azzurri increase their lead to five points.
  • Try
    TRY: Italy 8-5 Scotland. How about that for a response? From the line-out, Italy maul well and spread it crossfield to Allan; and with a neat dummy, the fly-half fools Jones and goes through a gap on the right to score under the sticks. The hosts are back out in front merely minutes after going behind.
  • Penalty to Italy now as Ghiraldini is caught in an over-the-top tackle by Tim Swinson that goes around the neck.
  • Laidlaw misses the conversion but it is the visitors who have the lead.
  • Try
    TRY: Italy 3-5 Scotland. Finn Russell is the man just shy of the line but from the ruck, Laidlaw hurls it wide to Fraser Brown on the right where the hooker dots down easily, with the Azzurri defence all at sea. Scotland get their first try of the game with their first proper attack.
  • Maitland scythes down the left wing and Seymour slips through another gap moments later, to spark a fast-paced Scottish move that puts them just under the sticks on the Italy try-line.
  • Penalty to Scotland from the restart now after an Italy offside and Nick Grigg speeds his way down the right flank to put the visitors into the opposition half with ball in hand for the first time today.
  • Penalty Goal
    PENALTY: Italy 3-0 Scotland. Allan slots over the three points and the Azzurri have the lead in Rome.
  • Penalty to the hosts now after Sean Maitland is caught offside at the ruck. Superb work from Italy in these opening minutes to put Scotland on the back foot. Allan will go for goal.
  • A brilliant effort from Simone Ferrari allows Italy to come through the scrum guns blazing and they rack up the phases as they advance on the Scotland line, with Parisse slipping a fast pass to Tommaso Allan to let the fly-half exploit the gaps out wide.
  • Brown redeems himself with an excellent turnover but Italy get the scrum a moment later after Huw Jones' pass to Willem Nel is knocked to ground by the prop just inside his own half on the left edge.
  • Leonardo Ghiraldini lays up a good platform for Italy to move down the left flank before Marcello Violi drills for touch. Fraser Brown puts the line-out in - and the hosts pinch it through Alessandro Zanni.
  • We're underway in Rome on the final day of the NatWest 6 Nations, as Italy look to get their first points at the last hurdle! It is the Azzurri who kick off and after an exchange of long kicks, Sergio Parisse makes the first carry, bringing his side up the the halfway mark on the left.
  • The teams are out at the Stadio Olimpico for the national anthems.
  • Scotland have won four of the last five matches between these sides in the Championship, including the last two in a row; they’ve not won three consecutive games against the Azzurri however for fifteen years, having last managed the feat between 2001 and 2003.
  • Though the rest of his side may have made a fair few defensive errors, Jonny Gray is the top tackler in this year’s Championship overall, having landed 80 of his 82 attempted hits. Six more and he will set a new record for a single edition of the tournament, overtaking the 85 made by England’s Joe Launchbury last year.
  • Don’t expect a free-scoring affair in Rome; both sides sit bottom of the point-scoring table so far in the Championship, with Italy having mustered up 65 and Scotland having fared marginally better with 72. They are both the only teams to have averaged over 20 missed tackles per game – subsequently they both have the lowest tackle success rate too, with 87% and 88% respectively.
  • Replacements: Stuart McInally, Jamie Bhatti, Zander Fagerson, Richie Gray, David Denton, Ali Price, Pete Horne, Blair Kinghorn
  • Scotland XV: Stuart Hogg, Tommy Seymour, Huw Jones, Nick Grigg, Sean Maitland, Finn Russell, Greig Laidlaw; Gordon Reid, Fraser Brown, Willem Nel, Tim Swinson, Jonny Gray, John Barclay (c), Hamish Watson, Ryan Wilson
  • Replacements: Oliviero Fabiani, Nicola Quaglio, Tiziano Pasquali, Abraham Steyn, Giovanni Licata, Guglielmo Palazzani, Carlo Canna, Jayden Hayward
  • Italy XV: Matteo Minozzi, Tommaso Benvenuti, Giulio Bisegni, Tommaso Castello, Mattia Bellini, Tommaso Allan, Marcello Violi; Andrea Lovotti, Leonardo Ghiraldini, Simone Ferrari, Alessandro Zanni, Dean Budd, Sebastian Negri, Jake Polledri, Sergio Parisse (c)
  • Team news now, and O’Shea makes only the one starting change, handing an international debut to Gloucester flanker Jake Polledri in the absence of the injured Maxime Mbanda. As for Scotland, Gregor Townsend has gone with the most experienced squad of his tenure as coach, making five alterations, including a first start of the year for centre Nick Grigg in place of Pete Horne.
  • Azzurri captain Sergio Parisse makes some history of his own today, as he makes his 65th Championship appearance, tying him with Ireland’s Brian O’Driscoll for the most-capped player in tournament history – though if on the losing side, he will also take the unwanted honour of 100 Test defeats. Can he lead his side to victory in what could be his last Championship match on home turf?
  • First though, it all kicks off at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome, as Italy look to record their first points of the Championship at the final hurdle against Scotland. Conor O’Shea’s men have shipped 174 points in four games so far and have already claimed the ignominious accolade of the Wooden Spoon; will they avoid a record 17th consecutive loss and sign off their campaign with a much-needed win?
  • Hello and welcome, from around the world, to live coverage of the final day of the 2018 NatWest 6 Nations, as all six sides look to finish on a flourish across Europe – and Ireland look to record only their third-ever Grand Slam. Joe Schmidt’s men are already Championship winners – but can they sink an England side in turmoil at Twickenham to write themselves into the history books?

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