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Six Nations
Sunday 04 February 2018, 10:00am EST

Italy v England

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Key Events

  • FT
  • TRY!Jack Nowell
  • ConversionOwen Farrell
  • TRY!Sam Simmonds
  • ConversionOwen Farrell
  • TRY!George Ford
  • TRY!Mattia Bellini
  • ConversionOwen Farrell
  • TRY!Sam Simmonds
  • Penalty GoalOwen Farrell
  • HT
  • Penalty GoalTommaso Allan
  • ConversionOwen Farrell
  • TRY!Owen Farrell
  • ConversionTommaso Allan
  • TRY!Tommaso Benvenuti
  • TRY!Anthony Watson
  • TRY!Anthony Watson
  • KO


Match Stats
Player Stats
Defenders beaten
Clean breaks
Turnovers conceded
Turnovers won
Missed tackles
Italy T C P
15 Matteo Minozzi 0 0 0
14 Tommaso Benvenuti 1 0 0
13 Tommaso Boni 0 0 0
12 Tommaso Castello 0 0 0
11 Mattia Bellini 1 0 0
10 Tommaso Allan 0 1 1
9 Marcello Violi 0 0 0
1 Andrea Lovotti 0 0 0
2 Leonardo Ghiraldini 0 0 0
3 Simone Ferrari 0 0 0
4 Alessandro Zanni 0 0 0
5 Dean Budd 0 0 0
6 Sebastian Negri 0 0 0
7 Renato Giammarioli 0 0 0
8 Sergio Parisse 0 0 0
16 Luca Bigi 0 0 0
17 Nicola Quaglio 0 0 0
18 Tizano Pasquali 0 0 0
19 George Biagi 0 0 0
20 Maxime Mbanda 0 0 0
21 Edoardo Gori 0 0 0
22 Carlo Canna 0 0 0
23 Jayden Hayward 0 0 0
England T C P
15 Mike Brown 0 0 0
14 Anthony Watson 2 0 0
13 Ben Te'o 0 0 0
12 Owen Farrell 1 4 1
11 Jonny May 0 0 0
10 George Ford 1 0 0
9 Ben Youngs 0 0 0
1 Mako Vunipola 0 0 0
2 Dylan Hartley 0 0 0
3 Dan Cole 0 0 0
4 Joe Launchbury 0 0 0
5 Maro Itoje 0 0 0
6 Courtney Lawes 0 0 0
7 Chris Robshaw 0 0 0
8 Sam Simmonds 2 0 0
16 Jamie George 0 0 0
17 Alec Hepburn 0 0 0
18 Harry Williams 0 0 0
19 George Kruis 0 0 0
20 Sam Underhill 0 0 0
21 Danny Care 0 0 0
22 Jonathan Joseph 0 0 0
23 Jack Nowell 1 0 0


Six Nations

6 Italy 38 1
5 England 83 10
Live Blog
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  • A late flurry of tries for England saw them down a spirited Italy in Rome - but the Azzurri never made it easy for the visitors. An overturned Tomasso Boni try at 10-20 could have changed the dynamic of the game; instead, Sam Simmonds went down the other end to score and Eddie Jones' men never looked back. Their defence of their NatWest 6 Nations crown is underway with a sterling win; at full-time, it finishes Italy 15-46 England.
  • Watson is tackled as the clock ticks over and from the release, Care puts the ball into the crowd for the full-time whistle as England get their NatWest 6 Nations campaign off to a winning start!
  • Try
    TRY: Italy 15-46 England. Nowell gets in on the right wing with a fantastic overhead throw from Simmonds to supply his Exeter team-mate. Farrell pulls the conversion wide, but the scoreline still has the colour of a typical England win over the Azzurri now.
  • Conversion
    CONVERSION: Italy 15-41 England. The visitors bring up the 40-point mark as Farrell pops the extras over. It's a scoreline that flatters them; Italy have made them work for it today.
  • Try
    TRY: Italy 15-39 England. Simmonds gets his second on what has been a fantastic Championship debut, as he busts the line from the base of the restart scrum 20m out and slips in under the posts.
  • Italy make their final changes, with Carlo Canna and Jayden Hayward for Allan and Castello, as the scrum collapses and England get a penalty to push themselves downfield.
  • Alec Hepburn is on for his England debut, as he replaces Mako Vunipola for the last eight minutes or so in Rome, as England earn a scrum by turtling the Italian attack in midfield.
  • Care is almost over as England brush off Italian defenders in a slick move downfield, the scrum-half picking up a pass off the floor from Itoje. The visitors spread it wide to try and find a way through - and Boni intercepts, going half the length of the field before he is brought down.
  • Conversion
    CONVERSION: Italy 15-34 England. Farrell slots over the extras from just about bang in front and England open up a 19-point gap. It's a tough ask for Italy to get back into this game now.
  • Try
    TRY: Italy 15-32 England. It's a wonderful try for Ford as he combines for a superb one-two with Farrell to put himself over to the right of the posts, after Nowell stretched the Italian defence out in midfield. It's a sweet finish, and surely the one to secure an England win here in Rome.
  • Parisse redeems himself with a superb mid-air steal at the line-out on Itoje, and Italy give themselves some breathing space.
  • It's another penalty for England now, as from the line-out, as Parisse comes in at the side of the maul illegally. Sam Underhill is on for Robshaw.
  • England transform a scrum now, 15m out from the Italian line into a penalty as Williams manages to wheel it around with an sterling display of power.
  • Violi is replaced by Edoardo Gori now as England earn a penalty on the back of Mbanda failing to release.
  • Jack Nowell now replaces Mike Brown, with Watson moving to full-back for the visitors, whilst Budd is replaced by George Biagi after the former picks up a leg knock in the tackle.
  • George Kruis and Jonathan Joseph are on for England, replacing Lawes and Te'o, as Itoje narrowly avoids conceding a scrum for a near knock-on as he attacks the Italian defence 40m out.
  • Try
    TRY: Italy 15-27 England. What a score from Bellini! The try is awarded as the winger keeps himself in by a fraction. Allan misses the conversion, so the lead is only cut to 12 points.
  • Is Bellini in? Fast hands across the field from right to left catch England's defence out but Brown looks like he may have pushed the winger in to touch as he goes over in the corner. The TMO will have a look...
  • A line-out to Italy now as they get penalty advantage following an infringement by Watson. The hosts are only five metres out on the right.
  • Bellini almost gets released as Boni sweeps down the left wing, cutting through the line - but George is fast to trap the winger and halt the Italian attack.
  • Hartley and Cole are off for the visitors now; Jamie George and Harry Williams are on from the bench for their debuts in the Championship.
  • Conversion
    CONVERSION: Italy 10-27 England. The extras are slotted over with little fanfare and England open up their lead a little bit more.
  • TRY: Italy 10-25 England. Simmonds gets England's fourth try! From the line-out on the right some 10m out, Itoje smuggles the ball out of the maul to the Exeter man to secure the bonus point and open up a 15-point lead. Is that it for Italy?
  • Tizano Pasquali, Luca Bigi and Maxime Mbanda arrive for Italy now, replacing Ferrari, Ghiraldini and Giammarioli, as the line-out is formed.
  • Now England earn a penalty from the scrum as Vunipola manages to force Italy into a scrum collapse with an impressive push. They put it to halfway - and Itoje earns another penalty at the line-out after a push from Budd in mid-air.
  • No try! The final pass from Allan, into Boni's breadbasket, was a good foot forward and the score is overturned. England have a lucky escape there after Italy cut their defence open through a Bellini break.
  • Have Italy struck back already? Boni is over on the left after a great paassage of play forces England into retreat, but the TMO has called for a look.
  • Penalty Goal
    PENALTY: Italy 10-20 England. No try for Watson, but from the Italy scrum, the hosts concede a penalty for Giammarioli knocking the ball out with his hand. From straight in front of the posts, it's an easy one for Farrell - and England restore a 10-point lead.
  • Is that a hat-trick for Watson? The winger cuts inside from the ruck and catches Quaglio out; the loosehead prop just manages to catch him as he goes to ground and the England man appears to lose the ball as he goes to ground it. The TMO will have a look...
  • Another England penalty as Italy pile in on the side of a tackle on Launchbury. The visitors get the lineout 10m away from the hosts' try-line.
  • Care puts a solid box kick up and May cuts through the pack to pick it out of Benvenuti's pocket. The scrum-half tries another, looking to put it out for a line-out to pile on the pressure - but then Ghiraldini manages to flick the ball back into play with a last-ditch move and Italy punt it downfield to relieve the pressure.
  • England get a penalty for foul play after Leonardo Ghiraldini lifts Launchbury at the ruck and Hartley's line-out finds Lawes just inside the Italy half on the left. The visitors bring it back inside to the centre - and Simmonds knocks on under pressure after a delayed Care pass.
  • We're back underway in Rome and Italy have made a change at half-time; Nicola Quaglio makes his Championship debut in the place of Lovotti.
  • It's England who unsurprisingly have the lead at the break but Italy are by no means out of it in Rome. Two early tries for Anthony Watson looked to set the tone for the visitors before a leg injury to Ben Youngs cut their momentum off - and from the restart, Tommaso Benvenuti responded to kick-start the hosts into life. An Owen Farrell try widened the gap again before a Tommaso Allan penalty cut it to a converted score; it's all still to play for at the Stadio Olimpico. At half-time, it's Italy 10-17 England.
  • Italy get a scrum as Care bobbles a pass following Vunipola collecting a short kick-off. The Azzurri get it swiftly out and Parisse pops it out with a grubber for the half-time whistle.
  • Penalty Goal
    PENALTY: Italy 10-17 England. A smart, neat effort from Allan and England are reeled back in again as Italy cut the gap to seven points.
  • A penalty to Italy now, against Cole for going over the attacker. Allan will go for goal this time...
  • It's a great penalty kick from Italy, putting them 10m out from the England line and they spread it wide to the left with Boni almost scrambling in. They earn a quick-tap penalty and Tommaso Castello leaps for the line - only to be hauled bodily back by Vunipola with some great one-on-one marking.
  • Hartley puts the line-out straight on halfway and Ford immediately puts a kick over to try and catch Minozzi out. The full-back copes with the unexpected ball - and then earns a penalty as his opposite number Brown hits him with a high tackle.
  • Budd fails to release Sam Simmonds in the tackle from the line-out and England get the penalty.
  • The hosts win the line-out through Zanni, 10m out from the England try-line - and then Lawes leads a push to put the Italian out for a line-out of his own.
  • A kick exchange of possession just inside the England half after Italy win a line-out, with Vunipola stealing the ball from Renato Giammarioli and Lawes then coughing up to Dean Budd. The visitors earn a penalty again a moment latter for infringement at the ruck - and they opt to go for a line-out rather than the three points.
  • Lawes drives down the middle of the field, 20m out, but can't release in the tackle as Italy form an impressive maul, led by Parisse again.
  • Italy cough up possession with a box kick once more as they look to find a way round on the right edge, and England counter with Mike Brown slipping through the defence on the ninth phase on halfway.
  • Conversion
    CONVERSION: Italy 7-17 England. Farrell adds the two this time, with a much kinder angle from in front of the sticks, slightly to the left. England open up a 10-point lead again.
  • Try
    TRY: Italy 7-15 England. Farrell responds for the visitors, cutting through a gap on the blindside after Cole and Mako Vunipola draw the Italian defence to the openside with a great pair of drives. England resume normal service.
  • Farrell tries to pin Matteo Minozzi back with a high kick and then Sebastian Negri spills the ball 20m out from his own line in midfield under pressure from Cole and Itoje. Scrum to the visitors.
  • Conversion
    CONVERSION: Italy 7-10 England. Allan is on kicking duties for the hosts - and slots a beautiful one from the touchline between the posts! The gap is cut to three points; Italy are right back in this game.
  • Try
    TRY: Italy 5-10 England. The hosts retaliate with a brilliant team try for Benvenuti! Superb work from Boni and Bellini sends the Azzuri crossfield, screaming down the left flank - and then they work it back across to the right with Andrea Lovotti throwing a great slam-dunk pass to put the winger in. 
  • Great work under pressure from Parisse who shows his captain's mettle to keep Launchbury from releasing and earns a turnover scrum from the maul this time.
  • Courtney Lawes holds the ball from the line-out, and then earns a penalty against the hosts as Italy collapse the maul.
  • Italy make little distance with their kick and England hold Sergio Parisse and Tommaso Boni in midfield, before Allan chips a kick wide to the right to give the visitors the line-out 20m away from their in-goal area.
  • Itoje collects from the kick-off and punts downfield again to Violi who returns with one of his own. Chris Robshaw makes some metres before Care returns with another kick to Vitoli, who then earns a penalty for Dylan Hartley blocking the release illegally.
  • Try
    TRY: Italy 0-10 England. It's two tries in the space of 10 minutes for Watson, as the TMO sees no reason to overrule the score. The conversion is missed again - this time drifting to the left of the posts from a similar position - so England remain only 10 points ahead.
  • From the base of the restart scrum, May tears crossfield from the left on halfway and flicks the ball through a gap to Watson, who outstrips three on the right wing and scrambles over as Tommaso Benvenuti body-checks him. The referee is unsure though; the TMO is pressed into action for the first time today.
  • Danny Care will take Youngs' place as the England man is loaded onto a buggy to remove him from the field. Play has been stopped for the best part of five minutes now, with both sides running through training moves on the touchline to stay warm.
  • Ben Youngs goes down as he releases a late pass and screams in agony, with play halted immediately. The scrum-half's leg looks a mess; replays show it twisting awkwardly after two Italian players landed on him.
  • Farrell puts an inventive grubber through on halfway to his winger Jonny May out wide on the left; the ball bounces wickedly though and Mattia Bellini manages to palm it away from the England man.
  • Italy retake possession and play out a strong, 13-phase passage of play in midfield before a staggering hit by Joe Launchbury on Alessandro Zanni forces a Marcello Violo kick to ward off pressure.
  • Maro Itoje puts the pressure back on the Italian line from the restart, bursting through the centre of the pack over 20m in midfield - but then he drops the ball in a tackle and a Tommaso Allan punt downfield pins Mike Brown back near his own line.
  • It's Farrell who is on kicking duties today for England and he has a tough one out on the touchline. He strikes it well - but with little breeze around the ground, it bounces off the near post and off the outside. The visitors remain five points ahead.
  • Try
    TRY: Italy 0-5 England. Anthony Watson gets the ball rolling with a lovely try in the right corner for the visitors! From the line-out, England work it neatly through a late George Ford pass to Ben Te'o who tips on the ball to his winger to touch down.
  • Great work from Dan Cole for the visitors as England force a collapse of the scrum and then a penalty by holding Italy from striking out.
  • We're underway at the Stadio Olimpico as Owen Farrell puts a short, scruffy kick to the left. Simone Ferrari collects and forces his way down the right flank - and earns a scrum after an error by the visitors at the maul.
  • The teams are out for the national anthems - kick-off is moments away.
  • Joe Launchbury was in exceptional form last year, making 85 tackles across the five games; a record tally for a single campaign. The lock may be key to Jones extending his run over Italy as a coach; in five games overall, he is yet to taste defeat against the Azzurri, with England, Australia and Japan.
  • Much of Italy’s hopes will rest with captain Parisse, who despite his side’s lacklustre showings, remains a man of formidable reputation. No other player has made more carries than his 682 in the history of the Championship; nor can anyone match him for metres made, with 2,894.
  • If England win today, it will be the 18th consecutive victory for Chris Robshaw in the national jersey, stretching back to a win over Uruguay in the 2015 World Cup. If he plays in all matches throughout the Championship on the way to a Grand Slam, he will take that streak to 22 wins – placing him third on the all-time list of consecutive victories behind New Zealand’s Wyatt Crockett (32) and England’s own Lawrence Dallaglio (28).
  • Substitutes: Jamie George, Alec Hepburn, Harry Williams, George Kruis, Sam Underhill, Danny Care, Jonathan Joseph, Jack Nowell
  • England XV: Mike Brown, Anthony Watson, Ben Te'o, Owen Farrell, Jonny May, George Ford, Ben Youngs; Mako Vunipola, Dylan Hartley (c), Dan Cole, Joe Launchbury, Maro Itoje, Courtney Lawes, Chris Robshaw, Sam Simmonds
  • Substitutes: Luca Bigi, Nicola Quaglio, Tiziano Pasquali, George Biagi, Maxime Mbanda, Edoardo Gori, Carlo Canna, Jayden Hayward
  • Italy XV: Matteo Minozzi, Tommaso Benvenuti, Tommaso Boni, Tommaso Castello, Mattia Bellini, Tommaso Allan, Marcello Violi; Andrea Lovotti, Leonardo Ghiraldini, Simone Ferrari, Alessandro Zanni, Dean Budd, Sebastian Negri, Renato Giammarioli, Sergio Parisse (c)
  • Alessandro Zanni wins his 100th cap for the Azzurri today, in what is an inexperienced Italian line-up. Nine of their starting players have won 10 or less caps – though Sergio Parisse does bring a wealth of experience with him, skippering his 82nd Test for the hosts and making his 61st Championship appearance. England are practically at full strength; Ben Te’o returns to the international side for the first time in 11 months after recovering from an ankle injury in October.
  • England are looking to retain their crown once again, having won in 2016 and 2017. In comparison to their opposition, the visitors have only ever lost three of their first weekend fixtures since Italy joined in 2000, most recently to France in 2014. In addition, they are four points away from crossing the 2500 threshold in Championship history, a tally they will surely exceed in today’s game.
  • Italy come into today’s game having captured arguably their biggest scalp ever last autumn, when they pulled off a shock 20-18 win against South Africa in Florence. They will take heart from that result as they look to arrest a run of ten straight home losses in the Championship – as well as their first opening day victory since beating France in 2013.
  • Hello and welcome, from around the world, to the last game of the opening weekend of the 2018 NatWest 6 Nations, as perennial underdogs Italy host England at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome. The visitors have never lost against the Azzurri, across 23 games since 1991; will Eddie Jones’ men add another victory to their tally or can Conor O’Shea mastermind one of the biggest upsets in modern rugby?

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