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International Rugby
Saturday 03 November 2018, 10:45am EDT

Wales v Scotland

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Key Events

  • FT
  • Yellow CardElliot Dee
  • ConversionLeigh Halfpenny
  • TRY!Jonathan Davies
  • HT
  • ConversionAdam Hastings
  • TRY!Stuart McInally
  • TRY!George North
  • Penalty GoalAdam Hastings
  • Penalty GoalLeigh Halfpenny
  • Penalty GoalLeigh Halfpenny
  • Penalty GoalLeigh Halfpenny
  • KO


Match Stats
Player Stats
Defenders beaten
Clean breaks
Turnovers conceded
Turnovers won
Missed tackles
Wales T C P
15 Leigh Halfpenny 0 1 3
14 George North 1 0 0
13 Jonathan Davies 1 0 0
12 Hadleigh Parkes 0 0 0
11 Luke Morgan 0 0 0
10 Gareth Anscombe 0 0 0
9 Gareth Davies 0 0 0
1 Nicky Smith 0 0 0
2 Ken Owens 0 0 0
3 Dillon Lewis 0 0 0
4 Cory Hill 0 0 0
5 Alun Wyn Jones 0 0 0
6 Dan Lydiate 0 0 0
7 Justin Tipuric 0 0 0
8 Ross Moriarty 0 0 0
16 Elliot Dee 0 0 0
17 Rob Evans 0 0 0
18 Leon Brown 0 0 0
19 Adam Beard 0 0 0
20 Aaron Wainwright 0 0 0
21 Tomos Williams 0 0 0
22 Jarrod Evans 0 0 0
23 Steff Evans 0 0 0
Scotland T C P
15 Blair Kinghorn 0 0 0
14 Tommy Seymour 0 0 0
13 Huw Jones 0 0 0
12 Alex Dunbar 0 0 0
11 Lee Jones 0 0 0
10 Adam Hastings 0 1 1
9 Ali Price 0 0 0
1 Allan Dell 0 0 0
2 Stuart McInally 1 0 0
3 WP Nel 0 0 0
4 Ben Toolis 0 0 0
5 Jonny Gray 0 0 0
6 Jamie Ritchie 0 0 0
7 Hamish Watson 0 0 0
8 Ryan Wilson 0 0 0
16 Fraser Brown 0 0 0
17 Alex Allan 0 0 0
18 Simon Berghan 0 0 0
19 Grant Gilchrist 0 0 0
20 Matt Fagerson 0 0 0
21 George Horne 0 0 0
22 Peter Horne 0 0 0
23 Darcy Graham 0 0 0


International Rugby

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Live Blog
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  • Warren Gatland's side face a tougher test next week after winning the Doddie Weir Cup though; they face Australia in Cardiff again. As for Gregor Townsend, his side return to Edinburgh where Fiji await. Until then however, thank you for joining us - and have a good weekend!
  • Wales win their first game of a November international campaign for 16 years in a rather stop-start encounter best served by some immense home defence. Scotland were unable to find a way around the fast-moving wall of red they were pitted against and under Alan Wyn Jones' leadership, the hosts made the most of their chances near the opposition line to ensure victory. Full-time at the Principality Stadium, it finishes Wales 21-10 Scotland.
  • Play breaks down as the clock ticks over the 80-minute mark and that will be all as the referee blows for full-time! Wales kick off November with a win!
  • Jarrod Evans is now on for Wales, for his international debut too.
  • Morgan and Anscombe tear after the latter's kick out to the left wing again but neither can quite get there before it runs out for a Scotland line-out.
  • Wales win the penalty from their own scrum now and take themselves up to just shy of halfway. The line-out is messy; Jonathan Davies just manages to recover before Scotland can sweep it up themselves.
  • Knock on at the scrum! Scotland cough up possession, unable to get the ball under control and Wales survive this spell on their line. Darcy Graham arrives for the visitors too, winning his first cap.
  • No try! Peter Horne is deemed to have knocked on. Scotland will get the scrum though following an infringement in the previous attempt.
  • And have Scotland been able to make it tell? After a prolonged pause for a scrum, George Horne kicks over the defensive line and his brother Peter appears to ground it behind the sticks. The referee will have a look upstairs with the help of the TMO.
  • Yellow Card
    Wales are down to 14 men! Elliot Dee is offside and in the bin for 10 minutes; he'll return with only seconds left on the clock now.
  • Seymour and Dunbar combine to put George Horne away down the right flank now and Scotland are showing some fine flair as they seek to strike back.
  • A sparky Scottish break launched by a Hastings offload sees the visitors tear down the left wing, though the grubber on the last is swept up by Halfpenny.
  • Beard is the latest man to arrive for Wales now, as the hosts win themselves a line-out and spark a series of box kick exchanges.
  • Wales also make two changes, with Ken Owens off for good and Elliot Dee back on, accompanied by Rob Evans.
  • No try! Gray is shown to have clearly made a double movement in an attempt to ground the ball. Scotland respond with some changes, bringing on Matt Fagerson, George Horne and Peter Horne.
  • Held up over the line, Scotland get the penalty and - from their latest line-out - Gray looks to scramble over. It might be a double movement however and the referee sends it to the TMO.
  • Wales survive the driving maul but Dunbar and Berghan make bruising runs that leave them scrambling on their own line to keep out the visitors. Scotland have penalty advantage too.
  • Back-to-back penalties now however help Scotland into a great attacking position, with Lewis guilty in the latter instance for infringement.
  • Anscombe chips wide to the left for Morgan to pursue but the kick takes a kinder bounce for Scotland and skitters out of play.
  • It's the last act of the Scottish front row too; they are all replaced by Fraser Brown, Alex Allan and Simon Berghan.
  • A sustained spell of Scottish pressure now led by Toolis and Dell looks to try and put Wales on the back foot, yet the defence is too quick for the attack and earn a turnover when the 10th phase falls apart on the ground.
  • Fantastic work from the Welsh defence catches Scotland standing the maul however and they win the scrum as a result, which Anscombe collects from and subsequently punts long.
  • That is frustrating for Scotland, given that they have controlled the second half so far, but they are gifted possession after Hastings sees his kick-off dropped. A penalty against Owens a moment later allows them to drill for touch and they will have a line-out 5m away on their right wing.
  • Conversion
    CONVERSION: WALES 21-10 SCOTLAND. Halfpenny finds his mark this time and adds the extras; the hosts have an 11-point lead.
  • Try
    TRY: WALES 19-10 SCOTLAND. It's a try for Jonathan Davies on his international return! From the line-out, Parkes sparks some lovely fast play to spread it wide to the left and the Welshman fends off Huw Jones to break down the flank and slide over for his side's second try of the game.
  • Fantastic work from Lewis and Nicky Smith in the front row turns the scrum and wins the penalty for Wales.
  • Great work from Tipuric now, who sandwiches Nel and forces the Scotsman into making the handling error. Wales have the scrum 30m out from their own line.
  • Price drills a lovely kick out near the corner flag on Wales' right wing and another exchange of box kicks follows the line-out. Parkes makes a great stop to halt Huw Jones on the break a moment later.
  • That absence for Owens was brief; the Welshman is back on in time to help his side, who have been put under pressure with a line-out on their own line. He finds Tipuric and the hosts dig themselves out of danger by punting for distance.
  • Ken Owens is currently off too, though he has passed the head injury assessment; Elliot Dee is on in his place.
  • Anscombe kicks off to get this clash for the Doddie Weir Cup back underway. Will Wales hold onto their lead in this clash or can Scotland edge them in this close encounter?
  • It's been a stop-start opening half at the Principality Stadium - and a game so far dictated by the speed of the Welsh ruck and defence. Scotland have struggled to get around their hosts, overwhelmed into soft errors and penalties all too often - but they still remain firmly in this game thanks to a try from captain Stuart McInally. Half-time in Cardiff, it's Wales 14-10 Scotland.
  • Owens and Wilson collide in the tackle and the latter comes away with the ball after leaving the former dazed and bleeding. Scotland aren't able to press further downfield however as they surrender possession once more - and with that, the referee calls for half-time.
  • Tipuric however earns the turnover a few phases later and then wins Wales a penalty to march them towards the Scotland line.
  • Scotland win a penalty now - after a short dust-up and some confusion - with Seymour having been taken out in the air by Halfpenny.
  • Conversion
    CONVERSION: WALES 14-10 SCOTLAND. Hastings swings the extras over and we now have a four-point ball-game on our hands in Cardiff.
  • Try
    TRY: WALES 14-8 SCOTLAND. The visitors strike right back! McInally, from the maul, leaps over on the left wing, breaking the bind of the Welsh defence with a fine drive to finish.
  • Scotland win a penalty from a maul collapse by Wyn Jones shortly after the restart though and now have a brilliant attacking chance with a line-out 5m out on the left.
  • Halfpenny has his first miss of the day as he fails to convert the try, so the score remains at 14-3 to the hosts.
  • Try
    TRY: WALES 14-3 SCOTLAND. It's North for the hosts with the first try! Wales force the scrum collapse from Scotland to win one of their own and Davies subsequently pings it wide. Fast hands get it to the winger, out on the left wing for once, and the Ospreys man forces his way over with a sterling run.
  • Wilson saves the visitors' bacon though; on the 10th phase, he lands a huge hit on Anscombe, sending the latter's pass to Moriarty off-target and forcing the knock-on.
  • It's a horror-show of a restart for Hastings though after he drops the Welsh kick-off. The hosts are back within touching distance of the Scotland line a few phases later, inside the 20m area.
  • Penalty Goal
    PENALTY: WALES 9-3 SCOTLAND. Hastings gets his side on the board now with a lovely kick, cutting the gap to six.
  • Two collapses of the scrum later and Scotland are now awarded a penalty, with Hastings to go for goal.
  • Scotland win the first scrum of the game two phases after the restart though, after Nicky Smith knocks on in the tackle 20m out from his own line.
  • Penalty Goal
    PENALTY: WALES 9-0 SCOTLAND. It's three from three for the fullback and the hosts are two scores in front.
  • Another Welsh penalty now, after Jonny Gray comes off his feet in the tackle, means Halfpenny will go for goal once again, this time from 36m out bang in front.
  • The sheer speed of the Welsh defence forces Scotland back from the initial point of their penalty on halfway and both sides exchange kicks again across a short passage.
  • Owens crashes through the middle towards the Scottish try-line but can't find Hill to deliver the ball and Watson wins the penalty for getting in and winning the turnover.
  • Scotland concede another penalty now, on the back of North picking out Davies' kick and sparking a break down the left, with Ritchie deemed to have come off his feet in the tackle.
  • Penalty Goal
    PENALTY: WALES 6-0 SCOTLAND. Halfpenny doesn't make the mistake from wide on the right and Warren Gatland's side double their lead.
  • No try! North's right foot slid into touch as he went to ground the ball. The hosts however do get the penalty from that advantage, with Scotland deemed to have been offside at the line-out. Halfpenny points to the sticks and Wales will go for goal.
  • Wales get penalty advantage from the new line-out and then Anscombe chips a kick wide to North on the wing. The Ospreys man gathers and touches down but the referee wants another look upstairs.
  • Wyn Jones wins the line-out 20m out from the Scotland line and Anscombe nudges a low kick through for Davies to chase a moment later. Hastings manages to read it and claim however, before the visitors kick out to get it away from the immediate danger zone.
  • Lydiate gets over the ball a few phrases later following another Welsh kick to put Scotland's forwards under pressure, earning the turnover and the penalty.
  • The visitors make a poor play on the subsequent eighth phase however, sticking a low grubber down the left wing that Halfpenny has no trouble with this time.
  • Break by Dunbar! On the back of a series of box kicks, Nel steals the ball on the ground and the centre cuts through the Welsh defence like a hot knife through butter. They pin Halfpenny back too and win the 22-metre drop-out.
  • Scotland concede a further soft penalty following an offside shortly after the kick-off and Wales punt into touch for distance. They win the line-out too and then bomb it high towards Lee Jones to pin him back in his own half.
  • Penalty Goal
    PENALTY: WALES 3-0 SCOTLAND. Halfpenny strikes the kick true and it sails between the uprights to nudge Wales into an early lead.
  • The hosts are going to kick for goal from 40m out, slightly on the right flank.
  • An exchange of box and clearing kicks between both sides eventually ends with Scotland electing to drive from within their own half. Hastings and Watson nearly break the Welsh flanks, but then Owens manages to pin the latter and keep him from releasing, winning the penalty.
  • Kinghorn kicks off for Scotland and we are underway in this clash for the Doddie Weir Cup! Scotland win an early penalty too after Welsh captain Wyn Jones rips the ball illegally.
  • The teams are out for the national anthems at the Principality Stadium.
  • Scotland haven't struggled to get over the line in 2018; they've scored 28 tries in their eight games this year, five more than any other Six Nations side and eight more than Wales overall.
  • Though next year's Six Nations will provide another opportunity for individuals to force their way into contention for the World Cup in Japan, the next few weeks will still be vital for several players to stake a claim. New Zealand-born Gareth Anscombe will be hoping for a fine game in the halves;  he will be wanting to press himself as an option ahead of the absent Dan Biggar.
  • Replacements: Fraser Brown, Alex Allan, Simon Berghan, Grant Gilchrist, Matt Fagerson, George Horne, Peter Horne, Darcy Graham.
  • SCOTLAND XV: Blair Kinghorn, Tommy Seymour, Huw Jones, Alex Dunbar, Lee Jones, Adam Hastings, Ali Price; Allan Dell, Stuart McInally, WP Nel, Ben Toolis, Jonny Gray, Jamie Ritchie, Hamish Watson, Ryan Wilson.
  • Replacements: Elliot Dee, Rob Evans, Leon Brown, Adam Beard, Aaron Wainwright, Tomos Williams, Jarrod Evans, Steffan Evans.
  • WALES XV: Leigh Halfpenny, George North, Jonathan Davies, Hadleigh Parkes, Luke Morgan, Gareth Anscombe, Gareth Davies; Nicky Smith, Ken Owens, Dillon Lewis, Cory Hill, Alun Wyn Jones, Dan Lydiate, Justin Tipuric, Ross Moriarty.
  • As for Scotland, they bring in a raft of familiar faces following their absence against Argentina in their mid-year clash; only four players keep their place, including fly-half Adam Hastings who wins his third start for his country.
  • Team news now and there is a debut for Welsh sevens star Luke Morgan, who wins his first full international cap in the 15-a-side code today. He is joined by seven British and Irish Lions players in the home side; among them Jonathan Davies, who has been absent for a year through injury.
  • Preparations for next year's World Cup begin here and with both teams unbeaten in three, something has got to give for either Warren Gatland's hosts or Gregor Townsend's visitors as the pair meet for the first time outside of the Six Nations since August 2003. Scotland have only beaten Wales once however in the last 11 meetings; can they upset the head-to-head form book today?
  • Hello and welcome to live coverage of the 2018 end-of-year rugby union internationals as Wales face Scotland for the Doddie Weir Cup at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff .

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