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International Rugby
Saturday 11 November 2017, 10:00am EST

England v Argentina

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Key Events

  • FT
  • TRY!Nicolas Sanchez
  • ConversionGeorge Ford
  • TRY!Semesa Rokoduguni
  • HT
  • Penalty GoalGeorge Ford
  • TRY!Nathan Hughes
  • Yellow CardJoaquin Tuculet
  • Penalty GoalGeorge Ford
  • Penalty GoalEmiliano Boffelli
  • Penalty GoalGeorge Ford
  • KO


Match Stats
Player Stats
Defenders beaten
Clean breaks
Turnovers conceded
Turnovers won
Missed tackles
England T C P
15 Mike Brown 0 0 0
14 Anthony Watson 0 0 0
13 Jonathan Joseph 0 0 0
12 Henry Slade 0 0 0
11 Elliot Daly 0 0 0
10 George Ford 0 1 3
9 Ben Youngs 0 0 0
1 Mako Vunipola 0 0 0
2 Dylan Hartley 0 0 0
3 Dan Cole 0 0 0
4 Courtney Lawes 0 0 0
5 George Kruis 0 0 0
6 Chris Robshaw 0 0 0
7 Sam Underhill 0 0 0
8 Nathan Hughes 1 0 0
16 Jamie George 0 0 0
17 Ellis Genge 0 0 0
18 Harry Williams 0 0 0
19 Joe Launchbury 0 0 0
20 Sam Simmonds 0 0 0
21 Danny Care 0 0 0
22 Alex Lozowski 0 0 0
23 Semesa Rokoduguni 1 0 0
Argentina T C P
15 Joaquin Tuculet 0 0 0
14 Ramiro Moyano 0 0 0
13 Matias Moroni 0 0 0
12 Santiago Gonzalez Iglesias 0 0 0
11 Emiliano Boffelli 0 0 1
10 Juan Martin Hernandez 0 0 0
9 Martin Landajo 0 0 0
1 Santiago Garcia Botta 0 0 0
2 Agustin Creevy 0 0 0
3 Nahuel Tetaz Chaparro 0 0 0
4 Matias Alemanno 0 0 0
5 Tomas Lavanini 0 0 0
6 Pablo Matera 0 0 0
7 Marcos Kremer 0 0 0
8 Tomas Lezana 0 0 0
16 Julian Montoya 0 0 0
17 Lucas Noguera Paz 0 0 0
18 Enrique Pieretto Heilan 0 0 0
19 Benjamin Macome 0 0 0
20 Leonardo Senatore 0 0 0
21 Gonzalo Bertranou 0 0 0
22 Nicolas Sanchez 1 0 0
23 Sebastian Cancelliere 0 0 0


International Rugby

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  • So what's next for the two sides? England of course take on the old enemy Australia next week, in a game likely to offer a tougher test of their skills - whilst the Pumas head south to lock horns with Italy. Until then though, there's still a wealth of action to come today - so thank you for joining us and have a good weekend!
  • England win for the 11th time in a row at Twickenham but Eddie Jones will have some work to do ahead of next week's match with Australia. Argentina were closer than the scoreline suggests; their inability to kick penalties today allowed the scoreline to flatter the hosts. Still, plenty of positives to be taken for both sides - including some sterling invidual showings from Sam Underhill and Mako Vunipolo, plus a great cameo from Alex Lozowski in the last quarter. Full-time in London, it finishes England 21-8 Argentina.
  • The Pumas bring the ball into midfield - but then knock on with another Underhill tackle on Cancelliere and the referee blows for full-time!
  • Slade puts a flat pass to the wing out with no-one there to recieve and Argentina get the lineout.
  • The visitors still can't get a break with their kicks for goal either though - Sanchez hits the right post and sees his effort bounce off the wrong way.
  • Try
    Argentina get over at last! The Pumas have managed to grind down the England defence after 30 phases - and Sanchez gets the consolation on the right edge blind side with a lunge from dummy half. England will be furious at having conceded that. 
  • Bertranou goes close for Argentina, and ships it left to Cancelliere, only for Underhill to pin him back again. Argentina are on their 28th phase and still no closer than 5m out.
  • Tuculet tries to swivel out of the tackle on the left wing and somehow keeps himself in the field of play as Simmonds comes across to try and bulldoze him into touch for a lineout.
  • Argentina have a promising scrum only 10m out, only for Care to come up with the ball after a scrappy second tackle error.
  • England make their final change - with Sam Simmonds on for debut in lieu of Nathan Hughes.
  • Montoya looks to break down the right and is forced out on the second attempt by a strong Lozowski tackle - only for the referee to call a penalty, deeming a shoulder charge.
  • Ellis Genge and Harry Williams now on for Cole and Vunipola for England with Landajo replaced by Montoya for Argentina.
  • Conversion
    Ford steers it over with a superb touchline effort - and England lead by eighteen points, 21-3 with just over 10 minutes left.
  • Try
    Try for Rokoduguni! England finally get a second try as the Premiership's leading scorer gets a long pass out wide from Slade on the back of that Lozowski run, and scrambles over on the right wing. That could very well be the game. 19-3 with the conversion to come.
  • Alex Lozowski, what a run! The substitute spots a gap and motors through a tiring defence after Lawes catches the short drop out and gets within 10m. What an introduction to Twickenham for the Saracens man.
  • Argentina earn a penalty 30m out as Heilan holds down in the tackle, which Sanchez opts to try for goal with - and yet again, the Pumas pull it wide and miss the chance to add three points.
  • Argentina make a change now, with Sanchez on for Hernandez.
  • It's been far from a great afternoon for scrums, but Argentina are definitely looking the advantage. They squeeze it wide and Hughes leaps on it for England, but the lack of any real shape from either side in this second half, aided by slow scrumage, has made this a rather shabby second forty.
  • Two more England changes - Youngs and Joseph are off for Danny Care and Alex Lozowski.
  • That's a promising push from Argentina as Macome adds a spark to a Creevy pass and takes it across to the right - and he earns a scrum mere feet away in that corner from the England line.
  • A brace of changes now from both sides - Jamie George and Joe Launchbury are on for George Kruis and Dylan Hartley for England, whilst Botta, Chaparro and Lezana depart for Paz, Heilan and Macome for the Pumas.
  • ...and he misses it on both counts; an awkward touch sends his effort wide to the right and it comes up short for good measure.
  • A change for the Pumas now - Cancelliere is on for Moyano as they earn a penalty 45m out on the left after a messy scrum from the hosts. Boffelli to take...
  • Hartley gets into the maul again from his lineout only for a neet reef from Creevy to push the ball out back and out off Ford for an Argentina scrum.
  • Hartley, from dummy half off the lineout maul, tries to push his way in on the corner but can't find a way through. He does earn another lineout though and will get a second chance.
  • Argentina have the scrum in their own half but Chaparro fouls within and England get a penalty. They put it into the left corner and Hartley quickly brings his side downfield for the lineout.
  • Ford and Slade help move the hosts in earnest downfield as England play it across the park, only for the last pass by the latter to completely sail in front of Nathan Hughes, who had one man to beat on the wing once more.
  • The scrum is finally played after collapsing twice and Slade plays a long kick downfield searching for Kruis, only for the England man to land over the sideline with his catch. A line-out for Argentina in their own half.
  • England get the scrum now as Youngs looks to push a short kick out wide and an errant Pumas hand puts it to ground.
  • Lezana gets the ball in centre-field, 20m out from the England line and looks to push on, only for Slade to clip him round the legs and force a knock-on as he impacts the ground.
  • Slade pushes the ball onto Daly going down the left wing again but the referee deems the tight flat pass to be forward and Argentina get a scrum in the England half.
  • Watson takes a brave catch under pressure after Argentina put it high following the fifteenth phase and starts moving England forward down the left flank.
  • Creevy forces off Vunipolo and then spreads it wide to the left for Lezana, only for the Pumas man to be met by a strong Slade tackle.
  • We're back underway at Twickenham, as Hughes takes the towering kick-off from Hernandez and looks to cut back inside, only to cough up the ball to Alemanno.
  • It's a close encounter at Twickenham so far, yet it could be closer. Argentina have been let down by a number of handling errors going forward, several forced by the brilliant defence of Sam Underhill - and Joaquin Tuculet was sent to the bin for a horrific clash with Mike Brown that left the latter injured, England cut the Pumas open with a Nathan Hughes try on the right. Still, it's not a runaway by any stretch - half-time in London, it's England 14-3 Argentina.
  • Lezana makes a neat run into midfield off the back of another Argentina line-out, only for him to spill the ball off an Underhill tackle as the clock ticks over forty minutes and the referee blows for half-time.
  • England get a quick penalty on the right edge 30m out and shift it through Hughes out wide to Ford at first reciever, who loops a long pass to Slade allowing him to drill for touch down the left edge. It's a lineout to the Pumas, only a handful of yards from their own line.
  • The Pumas look to pressure the England line, only to spill it under little pressure through Tuculet that allows Vunipola and Slade to break away on the left edge on their own 20m line.
  • Argentina are starting to slip a bit now in what has been a fairly even game so far, though they recieve a penalty now as Kruis is deemed to have made an infringement at the play-the-ball.
  • Penalty Goal
    The referee now rules that Slade was tackled early in pursuit of that ball and the penalty is moved to 20m out, directly in front. Ford looks to add the three points once more and does so - albeit pushing it very close to the right post. 14-3 to England.
  • Botta is penalised for a no arms tackle on Hartley, and England try an inventive chip through from Youngs for Ford or Slade to catch, only for the former to fumble it. The referee brings the sides back for the original offence, 30m out.
  • Argentina manage to brush Daly, as he cuts down the left sideline, against the whitewash and they earn a lineout deep in their own half.
  • And that's a second miss from the fly-half, as once more he curls it to the left of the posts. England drop out again and Argentina return with a kick of their own, collected superbly by Watson.
  • Australia earn a line-out and then a penalty after the maul is collapsed. They opt to go for the sticks again, and once more it's Hernandez who will take.
  • ...and he misses! Hernandez pulls the curl of his strike to the left of the posts and England will drop out instead. An odd choice of kicker given Boffelli's earlier accuracy.
  • Argentina force the break-up of the scrum and are rewarded with a penalty. Hernandez to take as the Pumas point to the sticks...
  • Hughes knocks on from the restart though and Argentina have a scrum only 20m out from the England line. Semesa Rokoduguni is the man on for Brown, in what is now a confirmed official change.
  • Try
    Hughes gets the first try of the afternoon! It's a wonderful team effort for England as Vunipolo delivers a great flat pass to Ford who loops it out wide to the number eight - and with some nifty footwork and a great step off the right leg, he powers his way through two defenders to score. Ford misses the conversion, so England lead 11-3.
  • Yellow Card
    Brown is thankfully able to leave the field under his own steam, assisted by medical staff; it seems highly unlikely he'll return. Tuculet is booked for the collision and Argentina are down to fourteen men.
  • Mike Brown goes for a high bomb and is caught by Tuculet in mid-air - and the England man comes down on his head with a horrific impact. That was a nasty impact.
  • A quick tap from Hughes out of the scrum allows him to dart into midfield and gets it to Lawes, only for the left-hand lock to see the ball pinched in a one-on-one steal from Hernandez. To add additional insult, the fly-half then pops a great ball downfield - and a lagging Hartley sees it out for a line-out.
  • Landajo comes up with the ball and brings Boffelli off the wing to help push down the right, only for Moroni to knock on under little pressure. The outside centre is furious with his error and smashes the ball into the stands with a frustrated roar.
  • From the scrum, Vunipolo runs a great line and smashes through before offloading to Lawes via Robshaw, drawing the Argentina defence tight. Youngs tries for a follow-up kick to the right, hoping Watson can collect, but the ball skips out for a Pumas line-out.
  • A great kick-off from Argentina which foxes Slade and earns them a scrum - only for them to give the ball away cheaply after Lavanini loses the ball in a fierce Underhill challenge, spilling it to Daly. England get the scrum.
  • The Leicester Tigers man slots it calmly from almost straight in front and England lead 6-3.
  • The Pumas cough up the ball with a loose pass which Joseph pounces on - and they then concede a penalty for holding down in the tackle too, 30m out from their own line. A chance for Ford to add three more points.
  • From the restart, Boffelli hacks back to England, and the hosts shift it wide and right through Joseph and Watson, looking to sneak down the outside flank. Moroni cuts across to close them off and they are forced to kick on, where Moyano takes a herculean catch after being lifted by Kremmer. Argentina earn a scrum for an England knock on after a loose hand catches them out.
  • Penalty Goal
    ...And Emiliano Boffelli makes it all square with a wonderfully floated effort that sails neat between the sticks. 3-3 in London.
  • Iglesias is caught by a low, shoulder-leading effort from Underhill again - and this time, the referee blows up for an Argentina penalty, 40m out in the England half. They're going to go for goal...
  • Penalty Goal
    This time it sails fair from the foot of the fly-half and England have the lead at Twickenham, 3-0 against the Pumas.
  • Underhill puts a belter of a tackle on Alemanno and Argentina seal up their own ruck, granting England a second penalty and a second chance for Ford to give them the lead.
  • Youngs and Ford combine in midfield to edge their way into centre-field, before the latter punts it high for Hernandez. He returns down the right flank to England's back left corner with a kick of his own and Brown comes up with the goods. Little to seperate the two so far.
  • Off the post! Ford's kick is well struck and just gets the distance - only to bounce off the right-hand upright and down to Matera, who leathers it away with a poor clearance to midfield.
  • Fullback Brown comes up with the goods from a fifth tackle bomb off the foot of Landajo, before Hughes earns a penalty on halfway. George Ford opts to go for goal and tees up on the left flank from 45m out.
  • The whistle goes and England get us underway in London!
  • The teams are out for the Last Post at Twickenham, to be followed by a minute's silence and then the national anthems.
  • Subs: Montoya, Paz, Heilan, Macome, Senatore, Bertranou, Sanchez, Cancelliere
  • ARGENTINA: Botta, Creevy, Chaparro, Alemanno, Lavanini, Matera, Kremer, Lezana, Landajo, Hernandez, Boffelli, Iglesias, Moroni, Moyano, Tuculet
  • Subs: George, Genge, Williams, Launchbury, Curry, Care, Lozowski, Rokoduguni
  • ENGLAND: Vunipola, Hartley, Cole, Lawes, Kruis, Robshaw, Underhill, Hughes, Youngs, Ford, Daly, Slade, Joseph, Watson, Brown
  • Teams coming in now...
  • Hooker Dylan Hartley starts for what is his ninth appearance against the Pumas, looking to increase his strong record; only once has he been on the losing side, way back in 2009 in Salta. England also include Semesa Rokoduguni on the bench; the utility back and leading try-scorer in the Premiership will be looking for his third international cap.
  • The visitors had the poorest discipline of any side at the recently concluded Rugby Championship, conceding 73 penalties, six yellow cards and a solitary red across their six matches, all tournament highs. Against an England team looking to gain every advantage they can get, Daniel Hourcade's side will have to clean up their act at Twickenham.
  • This clash will be the 23rd meeting between the national sides, with England having won 17, including the last eight. Their record this decade against Argentina is strong too; no other team has averaged more points per game against the Pumas than the hosts, with 36.
  • Hello and welcome, as the Autumn Internationals get into full swing at Twickenham where England host Argentina as Eddie Jones looks to firm up options for the World Cup in just under two years. The Pumas have only won once at the home of English Rugby before, way back in 2006, and face a side unbeaten on their hallowed ground since the 2015 World Cup. Is there an upset on the cards in London? Kick-off is half an hour away.

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