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Jamie Lyall


In a year of chicanes, Rory Hutchinson began the new season injured, spent much of the middle chunk negotiating a Covid-19 outbrea…

Jamie Lyall
21 Feb, 6:54

“I feel like I’m 35,” laughs 24-year-old Will Evans, as he enters the Zoom meeting with a spectacular shiner around his left…

Jamie Lyall
18 Feb, 15:13

Boan Venter .spent Valentine’s Day alone in self-isolation half the world away from his fiancée. Holed up in the plush Edinburg…

Jamie Lyall
18 Feb, 8:36

In an Auckland hotel bed, Nic White stirred and reached for his mobile phone. The screen illuminated, displaying a slew of missed …

Jamie Lyall
14 Feb, 3:09

At the end of it all, rain lashing at his brow and pride erupting in his heart, Stuart Hogg sank to his haunches and stared into t…

Jamie Lyall
07 Feb, 5:10

John Afoa can still feel the tension coursing through his teenage body on that cold night in Pukekohe in 2002.

Jamie Lyall
29 Jan, 5:55

Bobby de Wee likes to tell people that the vivid scar running from his left hip to his knee is the legacy of a childhood shark att…

Jamie Lyall
25 Jan, 14:07

For two hours at a time, twice a day, Thibaud Flament sits inside the hyperbaric chamber in a Toulouse hospital, oxygen mask strap…

Jamie Lyall
24 Jan, 3:26

It is typically hard to predict a Gregor Townsend squad and even harder to guess how Scotland will fare this spring, as they look …

Jamie Lyall
21 Jan, 5:54

There were more than 36,000 souls teeming inside Suncorp Stadium on 13 May 2012, but slumped deep in the innards of the ground, Ri…

Jamie Lyall
18 Jan, 14:40

Just get to the breakdown, Scott Steele would tell himself, as his lungs burned and his thighs screamed and his breath rasped in g…

Jamie Lyall
17 Jan, 3:53

Amid fears their marquee acquisition has been proved a highly expensive mistake, Glasgow want to see Leone Nakarawa quickly find b…

Jamie Lyall
13 Jan, 4:05