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Dan Johansson


Follow the below link to the RugbyPass Live Match Centre for moment by moment coverage of today's massive game between Ireland and…

Dan Johansson
02 Feb, 8:20

The domestic league won't return until next week but there are still plenty of lessons to be learnt ahead of the next round of Fa…

Dan Johansson
29 Oct, 16:46

Lest we incur the vengeful wrath of our omniscient, omnipotent algorithm, let us join together and bask in the glory of the Team o…

Dan Johansson
09 Oct, 9:32

With a limited budget with which to operate, it’s vital to pick up a few bargains on the way. Here are 3 Premiership backs who…

Dan Johansson
04 Oct, 15:55

We’re under strict doctors’ orders to disregard club performance and focus solely on those delicious, nutritious individual nu…

Dan Johansson
01 Oct, 15:42

We went rooting through the bargain bin to find five high performing players you could add to your team with whatever loose change…

Dan Johansson
27 Sep, 16:00

It’s been a blistering display of high quality rugby and the kind of emotional storytelling that only comes from elite sport. Ta…

Dan Johansson
24 Sep, 15:51

Ahead of this weekend’s action, we offer some pointers on who to sign and who to cut in order to make your Fantasy team bring ho…

Dan Johansson
20 Sep, 15:31

The new season of the Gallagher Premiership has reached Round 3 and is starting to find its rhythm, settling into the groove like …

Dan Johansson
17 Sep, 16:20

After far too long, the English Premiership is back once again with the ill behaviour and suffice to say the first couple of weeks…

Dan Johansson
12 Sep, 14:20

It's been about three months since last season's Premiership ended and a lot has happened in the world in that time.

Dan Johansson
31 Aug, 6:16

It is difficult to ascertain exactly what the trouble on the Northern Line is without the benefit of first-hand experience or insi…

Dan Johansson
04 Mar, 15:05